Christmas meal and secret santaPosted By: Alan On: Tue 24th Nov, 2015 9:12pm

Hi guys, 

We will be having our annual Christmas meal at Robbins Well at 7 pm on Wednesday 9th Decemeber downstairs, nice and cute right! If you would like to go to this amazing social, sign up on the website (on the trips section of the website) by midnight on November 30th, so that I have time to get your order and tell the Well. Here is a link to the menu, we will be having the Festive menu, so it is either 2 course for £7.5 or 3 for £10, It is a great night and of course we will end up in Kelsey's, where else?!?

Also we will be doing secret Santa on the evening, there can never be too much fun!!! If you would like to be part of this please sign up on the website under the secret santa trip by midnight on November 30th, we will let you know the next day who you have!! The limit for presents is £5, last year it was great fun so I would really recommend signing up!!

More information will come once the sign ups have closed. All you have to do is sign up :) 


Alan and Jeff x


 Pool Session Cancelled 24/11/15Posted By: Emma On: Tue 24th Nov, 2015 6:26pm
For those of you who missed the facebook post tonights polo session is cancelled too due to the same reason as yesterday. Many apologies.
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 Pool Session Cancelled 23/11/15Posted By: Sam On: Mon 23rd Nov, 2015 8:29pm
Hello all,

Profoundest apologies but due to circumstances beyond my control (the Sports Centre have closed the pool due to "maintenance issues") we unfortunately have to cancel tonights pool session.

Hopefully it will all be fixed by Wednesday! (or Tuesday for those polo-minded folks :p)

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,

 Skool DayzPosted By: Jefff On: Mon 23rd Nov, 2015 7:20pm
check out my cool heading, Stockton!

Make sure you have bought your Skool Dayz tickets for this Saturday! We are pre drinking in Rootes L Kitchen 10 at 20.00 and heading to Skool Dayz at 23.00 ish. 

Remember to dress up in school clothes and to bring your own booze! Because I'm a cheap bastard I need you to bring me drinks

See you all there!

Oh and dont forget your POP circling tickets for week 9! The theme is anything but clothes

Polo NewsRules for Kit BorrowingPosted By: Charlie On: Sat 21st Nov, 2015 5:55pm

You must inform the kit sec, or failing that the president, before taking club kit.  You must identify the kit you are taking, when you are taking it and when it will be returned. Inform the exec before you take it.

The cost for training is £2.50 per boat and relevant kit and £5.00 for tournaments. This will go towards maintaining the boat.

You must clean the boat and kit if you have been to an outside event, and return it safely and in the same condition as when you borrowed it.

If you already have kit out, you may not remove any more kit from the pool. You may only borrow one boat and set of kit at a time.

The above conditions are in force from now on.


 South Wales Trip-week 9Posted By: Alan On: Fri 20th Nov, 2015 8:44pm

Did you miss out on all the paddling so far? Or fail to get to Tyne Tour? No worries the final trip of the year is upon us, on the weekend of 4th-6th of Decemeber we will be heading into Wales (scary I know) for yet another fun weekend paddling. Hopefully this will be the first weekend trip without a broken mini-bus!!!!! 

We will be going to South Wales to paddle the River Usk, leaving on the Friday night from the sports center and returning on Sunday evening.

Sign ups will go live on the trips part of the website ( at 6:30pm this Monday (23th November). This trip is bound to be popular so if you really want to come make sure you are online at 6:30!! The trip is again suitable for anyone that has been to at least one pool session (although more is recommended).

We will be staying in a Scout building so everyone will need a sleeping bag and if you want some comfort a sleeping mat as well. We have 5 club sleeping bags which will be available on a first come first serve basis once the confirmation emails have been sent out. Also, some of the exec members may have a spare if you ask nicely. As a warning there are no showers so make sure you bring deodorant etc so you don't smell too bad after a lovely day on the river. 

The trip will cost £35 for the weekend and that includes all the kit and transport. You will only need to bring shoes you don’t mind getting wet, swimwear and lots of warm clothes!! We will also be doing a group meal on the saturday night, which will cost £2, let us know on the day if you don't want it or have any dietry requirements.

If you don’t yet have an account on the website you’ll need to make one before you sign up for the trip.

Hopefully see you all at the pool on Monday.

Love Alan x


Polo NewsCanoe Polo Leam TripPosted By: Stockton On: Wed 18th Nov, 2015 4:38am
Polo Leam Trip (week 8)

We'll be heading back to the river Leam for two hours of training next Wednesday.
Sign ups are open, we're limited to 14-15 places so sorry in advance if you miss out. 

When- 1.00pm Wednesday 25th November

Where- Meet at the sports centre and help load the van

Why?- Work Hard = Play Hard 

The session is aimed at the whole club (including freshers) and will improving your fitness, boat skills, and control of the ball under pressure.
Don't worry there is no binning. 

Kit list
  • Swim wear
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Water shoes (flipflops, crocs etc)
  • Coat
  • Thermal layers if you have them
Wet suits are available and cags are recommended.
If you'd like to borrow either, post below.

The cost of the trip will be £3, this is to cover hiring the van to transport all the kit (we've actually hired the van this time so there will be considerable less faff )

In addition there will be the cost of getting yourself there, factor in £3.70 for a return on the Bus.
Don't worry, we'll be back in time for POP.

Afterwards we'll be heading to the Jug & Jester for the customary two meals each. 


 Ladies SocialPosted By: Lauren On: Sun 15th Nov, 2015 10:40am
LADIES SOCIAL this thursday!  
We will be heading into Leam for a takeaway pizza, wine and movie night (we were thinking bridget jones and dirty dancing) at my house (38 Gordon Street, Leamin'ton
Aim to get into leam 7:30 ish and i will meet people at the Church.
Hopefully see anyone of the female persuasion there! 

 Canoe Polo Men's Social Posted By: Stockton On: Sat 14th Nov, 2015 5:27pm
Canoe Polo Men's Social
Are you a man? Do you like polo?
If you've answered yes, maybe or undecided to either of those question you should be attending our term one social.  

When- 7.30pm Thursday 19th November

Where- Ali's Golden Cuisine, followed by a film at Jeff's 


The curry house is a 'bring your own booze', please take full advantage of this and bring whatever it is you like drink with a curry- wine, beer keg, etc.    

After the curry we'll be heading to Jeff's place to watch a film which embodies much of what we stand for as a club.
There will be a drinking game attached to this film so please read and memorise Jeffs rules (coming soon)
To get a gauge of numbers for the table reservations please sign-up on the trip form: link

This is a BUCS event so please wear your BUCS polo shirt if you have one, but only if you've washed it.

 Nene tripPosted By: Lauren On: Thu 12th Nov, 2015 5:57pm
Next Wednesday (18th November) afternoon we’ll be heading to the Nene whitewater centre in Northampton. 

We’ll be meeting at the sports centre at 1pm and returning to campus around 7pm. This is a nice fun intro to whitewater or just a good opportunity to let your hair down midweek. 

Sign up will go live at 4pm tomorrow (sorry for the late info) in the trips part of the website link

The trip will cost £10 and once you’ve signed up you will be expected to pay unless we can find a replacement for you. You will need swimwear, a towel and shoes you don’t mind getting wet. We have all the other kit for you. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

 Quiz!!!!!!!Posted By: Alan On: Sun 8th Nov, 2015 11:50pm
Ever thought of yourself as a pub quiz demon, or bossed a TV quiz show? Well here is your chance to prove it! 

Quiz night:

Thursday 12th Nov 7.30pm at the Well- we have down stairs booked

For a quiz designed and run by Alan and Jeff, god help us all...

p.s next week there is no Canoe social it is POLO social week- Captains will let you know what is happening 

Polo NewsCanoe Polo Tactics TalkPosted By: Stockton On: Sat 7th Nov, 2015 5:03pm
Canoe Polo Tactics Talk
Have you ever found yourself on the polo pitch with people shouting the following:
  • Zone up!
  • Three and one!
  • Two and two!
  • Your top man!
  • Stay wide for me!
Would you like to know what on earth they were shouting about?
If so come along to the Polo clubs first tactics talk.

When- 7.00pm Tuesday 10th November

Where- S0.09 link

Who?- Everyone who has ever been confused on the pitch.  

This event is aimed at the who club and you will come away with a good understanding of the tactics we use on the pitch, and how better to position yourself in attack and defense.

Polo News Cano Polo Leam Trip Posted By: Stockton On: Wed 4th Nov, 2015 8:42pm
Polo Leam Trip

Next Wednesday the grand Warwick polo fleet will be descending on the river Leam for two hours of training.

When- 1.00pm Wednesday 11th November

Where- Meet at the sports centre

Why?- So you get well good at polo

The session is aimed at the whole club (including freshers) and will improving your fitness, boat skills, and control of the ball under pressure.

Kit list
  • Swim wear
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Water shoes (flipflops, crocs etc)
  • Coat
  • Thermal layers if you have them

Wet suits are available and cags are recommended.
If you'd like to borrow either, post below.

The cost of the trip will be £3, this is to cover hiring the van to transport all the kit.

Edit- in addition there will be the cost of getting yourself there, there will be drivers leaving from the sports centre so some can catch a lift with them, other wise factor in £3.70 for a return on the Bus.

 FireworksPosted By: Alan On: Sun 1st Nov, 2015 2:58pm

Hey guys,

On Thursday 5th of November we are having our OWN fireworks social!!!! The lovely Sam and Hadyn have volunteered their house to host this wonderful evening- sorry leam guys it is in Canley!

The cost will be £5 for the fireworks.

It is bring your own booze.

Either meet Haydn at 7:30 at the sports centre to via Tesco for drink or go straight to 39 Charter Avenue, Coventry, CV4 8EJ at 8 pm!

I just hope Jeff is sober enough to actually light fireworks...



 Dates for the dairy Posted By: Alan On: Sun 1st Nov, 2015 2:58pm

 Sorry for the nagging but on Week 8- 28th Nov we will be school dayzing and on week 9-2nd Dec we are poping so BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW OR THEY WILL SELL OUT!

 They are great nights out and a lot of fun, just ask anyone who has been before, do not wait to buy the tickets as they are incredible popular so buy them NOW, I mean NOW :)

Also for school dayz we are looking for a fresher to allow us to circle in their kitchen beforehand, you know what we are like so don't worry about any mess and we will love you for ever!! Message me if you are lovely enough to volunteer.

Just a heads up with the rest of the socials for the year:

Week 5- 5th Nov      Fireworks at Sam's and Haydn's

Week 6- 12th Nov   Our very own quiz night at Robins Well

Week 7-19th Nov     Polo social

Week 8-28th Nov      School days (buy your ticket)

Week 9-2rd Dec        POP (buy your ticket)

Week 10- 9th Dec   Chritmas Meal (thats the wed)



Alan and Jeff x



Polo NewsCanoe Polo Rules Session Posted By: Stockton On: Fri 30th Oct, 2015 6:58pm
Canoe Polo Rules Session 
We're running a polo rules session on Tuesday evening before our normal polo session.
This session is aimed at the whole club (especially freshers) and will give everyone a firm grasp of the do's and don'ts of the polo pitch.

The talk is being given by our most senior ref, Bryce.
If you're intending to play for the club this year I strongly recommend you come along.

When-  7.00pm Tuesday  3rd November

Where- S0.10 link

Why- Do you like getting red cards? 

Please arrive promptly as we have a lot to cover. 

Polo NewsWednesday Kit FixingPosted By: Charlie On: Fri 30th Oct, 2015 7:45am
Hello all I'm going to be doing a Polo boat fixing afternoon and will be showing people how to fix the boats. I would love the help as there is a lot that needs to be done, it will be a great way to learn about the boats, and see how they are looked after, and we will be building the new goal and helmets. So if you’re free after 3:30 on Wednesday come down to the Pool balcony and give a hand, even if it's just for a short time. Charlie.

Canoe NewsTraining coursesPosted By: Ollie On: Wed 28th Oct, 2015 6:59pm

Hi all, I hope everyone who went on Freshers had a great time despite everything that happened and that everyone is excited about our next trip to Tyne Tour in a couple of weeks. I know you all can't get enough of kayaking and all want to improve your kayaking skills so we are looking at running some training courses for you to get involved with over the coming year. We are currently looking at running: white water safety course, a 3* kayaking award and possibly a 2* as well depending on interest.

The 3* kayaking is aimed mainly at those who are fairly competent on moving water and dealing with decent sized rapids. So not really for those of you that are completely new to the sport.

White water safety and rescue is aimed at people of a similar level as the 3* but would give you vital skills to help ensure your own and everyone’s safety on the river.

2* is suitable for anyone with just a reasonable skill base, we run through the skills required within our pool sessions term one so anyone who feels comfortable doing all these skills would be suitable for taking their 2* award even without any white water experience.

So if any of the above courses sound interesting then please leave a comment or take part in the Facebook poll. Don’t worry you’re not signing your life away to anything (at least not yet), this is purely to gauge interest and official signups will be released if sufficient interest is shown. Also I will post more information about prices, dates and locations shortly. If you want to know any more about the courses, want to suggest more courses or wondering what you would be suitable for then feel free to ask either myself or another exec member at any pool session or leave me a message on Facebook J



 TYNE TOUR!!Posted By: Lauren On: Tue 27th Oct, 2015 3:43pm

If you missed out on freshers trip last weekend fear not Tyne Tour is upon us!

From 6th-8th of November we will be heading up North for a weekend of paddling, fireworks, Ceilidhing and socialising. Tyne tour is one of our best trips of the year and involves kayaking clubs from unis all over the country congregating to paddle and party!

Sign ups will go live on the trips part of the website ( at 4:30pm this Thursday (29th October). This is one of our most popular trips of the year so get in there quickly. The trip is again suitable for anyone that has been to at least one pool session (although more is recommended).

We will be camping so everyone will need a sleeping bag. We have 5 club sleeping bags which will be available on a first come first serve basis once the confirmation emails have been sent out. Also, some of the exec members may have a spare if you ask nicely. We have a big club tent so don’t panic if you don’t have access to one but obviously if you do it would be a good idea to bring it.

The trip will cost £35 for the weekend and that includes all the kit, transport and the ticket price for the event so really it’s a bargain! You will only need to bring shoes you don’t mind getting wet, swimwear and lots of warm clothes!!

If you don’t yet have an account on the website you’ll need to make one before you sign up for the trip.

Hopefully see you all at my house for the cocktail social on Thursday!!


 Kit and Cocktails!Posted By: Jefff On: Mon 26th Oct, 2015 2:19pm

Our Kit and Cocktails social is this Thursday (29 Oct)!

We will be meeting at the arts centre bus stop at 17.00 and heading to Leam Boat Centre for 18.00. This is a great place to buy kit for upcoming trips at a very good price (anyone who went on Freshers' Trip will appreciate the need for warm kit!).

After that we will be heading to Lauren's house for cocktails! Alan is an expert bartender and has only ever poisoned 2 people so it should be a great time!

If you are interested you will need to bring £5 for cocktails. To help us gauge numbers there is a signup on the website: (or just look to the left...)
You will need an account if you don't already. Instructions on the website.

See you all there!


 No Pool Session Weds 21stPosted By: Freya On: Mon 19th Oct, 2015 7:28pm
Just a reminder that the Wednesday pool session this week has been cancelled, as we are circling for Pop!

Instead, come along to Bar Fusion at 6:30ish for circling!

 Circling and POPPosted By: Alan On: Sun 18th Oct, 2015 2:58pm

Don't forget guys POP this Wednesday (21st), it is mine and Jeff's first circling so you can't miss it!!! We would love to see as many people as possible, whether new or old. Freshers circling and POP is part of the uni experience I would really recommend trying it out!
Be at BAR FUSION (on campus) at 6:30ish for a 7pm start- be warned it will be busy so try to get there at 6:30ish, then we will head over to POP!

Don't worry if you haven't got a ticket yet, there are still POP tickets left (you don't need a circling ticket for Bar Fusion). So if you don't have a ticket BUY ONE


 Leam and Freshers TripsPosted By: Sam On: Tue 13th Oct, 2015 9:06am

We’ve got a couple of trips coming up soon, sign up to secure your place!

Leam Trip – Wednesday 14th October This Wednesday afternoon we will be going on a trip to the mighty river Leam (in Leamington). This will be a nice sociable flatwater paddle, a great opportunity to practise on a real river. If you would like to come then SIGN UPS ARE OPEN NOW. In order to sign up please make an account on our website (link and then go to “Trips” on the left hand side, click on “Leam Trip” and then “Sign Up”. We will be meeting outside the sports centre at 12:30 to organise kit and then travelling to leam on the bus. Luckily this means it is a nice cheap trip as all you have to buy is your bus ticket (~£3.60 return on the U1).

Freshers Trip – Friday 23rd to Sunday 25th October Our first whitewater trip of the year will be taking place on the weekend of week 3 (23rd-25th October). We will meet on Friday afternoon at 16:00 at the sport centre to load the van with all the kit before heading off to Snowdonia, Wales, for a weekend of cracking whitewater paddling before returning Sunday evening. The entire action packed weekend will cost £35 (for all transport, accommodation and all equipment provided). Sign ups will open on our website at 16:30 on Thursday 15th (see above for details). From past experience this is a really fun and really popular trip so please sign up swiftly in order to avoid disappointment. Please note than in order to be able to come on the trip you will need to have joined the Canoe Club through the SU.

(I would recommend making an account on the website in plenty of time before signup!) 


 Sport activator recruitment Posted By: Emma On: Mon 12th Oct, 2015 10:19am

Had an email this morning about an opportunity to help out with events at Warwick sport. I've attached the email if anyone is interested:

Good Morning,

I just wanted to remind you of the Warwick Sport Activator Recruitment Evening tonight in Rootes, Panarama 7pm start. This is for anyone who is interested in helping out and assisting with our Active Rock up and Play sessions, Leagues, Courses and Events. If there is anyone who just missed out on Exec positions within your club, or maybe you think they would benefit from taking on a little responsibility – this would be perfect. The evening will be informal and start with a short presentation from Warwick Active and a quiz. Prizes will be given to the winning quiz teams and one person will win a Warwick Sport Gold Gym Membership! See our Facebook group below; Please circulate this to anyone you think might be interested via email or social media. Entry is free and it promises to be a fun and enjoyable night for all.

Kind Regards



 Three Legged Bar Crawl!!Posted By: Alan On: Sun 11th Oct, 2015 6:31pm
Fancy being tied to a lovely canoe member, of course!!! With that sorted, be at the Dukes at 7pm on Thursday (15th Oct) night we have out annual three-legged bar crawl, where new members are tied to the tried and tested bunch who make up this club. Expect the odd race and challenge along the way down the Parade. This is a great way to know the club so come along, we would love to see as many new members as possible :)
Don't worry if you don't know where it is, a bunch of people in Canoe hoodies will be at the arts centre bus stop at 18:10! Any questions ask any of us in the blue rash vests at the pool sessions or post on here!


Alan and Jeff

 Welcome!Posted By: Sam On: Tue 6th Oct, 2015 4:51pm

Welcome to the website of Warwick University Canoe Club and Warwick University Canoe Polo Club!

The Canoe Club pool sessions (in the campus pool) are:

  • Mondays 21:00-22:00
  • Wednesdays 20:30-22:00
  • Thursdays 15:00-16:00 

For the first three weeks all pool sessions are taster sessions so you don't have to join up yet, come along and give it a go! All the equipment is provided so all you need to worry about bringing along is yourself, swimming stuff and a towel. It doesn't matter if you've never kayaked before or are a 5* pro, we hope to see you there!

Canoe Polo have training sessions in the pool

  • Tuesdays 20:30-22:00
  • Saturdays 19:00-20:30

There is also a Canoe Polo Fitness and Ball Throwing training session 8:00-9:00 on Wednesdays in Westwood Games Hall, a great chance for some off-water training.

Again it doesn't matter if you've never heard of canoe polo before, all abilities can join and learn how to play! All you need to bring to the pool sessions are swimming stuff, t-shirt and a towel as we provide all the kit.

Details of our upcoming socials will be released soon so watch this space! (We also end up in the pub after most pool sessions)

If you have any questions feel free message one of the exec members or post on our facebook page ( Hope to see you all soon!


 Circling at POPPosted By: Jefff On: Fri 2nd Oct, 2015 6:53pm
We are circling at POP on Week 3 (21 oct) and 9 (2 dec). The theme for Week 3 is animals and Week 9 is anything but clothes. Buy your circling tickets ASAP to avoid disappointment! More details to follow. 

 Friday 2nd October Pool Sessions Posted By: Emma On: Wed 30th Sep, 2015 9:49pm
On Friday there are orientation sessions for the international students so we have the pool booked. We will run it like a normal fresher session. 

Canoe: 2-3:30pm 
Canoe Polo: 3:30-5pm 

If you're free then come along! 


Polo NewsNational and Regional teams 2015-2016Posted By: James Stockton On: Wed 19th Aug, 2015 6:47pm
National League Div 3 Open
James Stockton  
Madi McDonald   
James Anderson   
Jevon Adams          
Matt Clough
Ross (mercenary)
Reserves- Charlie, Rob and Olli

National League Div 2 Ladies- Playing with Cherwell Ladies
Emma Beaney         
Jennifer Stanford    
Lauren Gaines         
Regional league- Team 1
Tom Jin

Regional League- Team 2
Hayden Parker   
Mark H
Robert Howells    


Polo NewsBCU MembershipPosted By: Emma On: Tue 18th Aug, 2015 9:10pm
Can everyone wanting to play polo next year in national and regional leagues sign up for BCU membership if you haven't already. 

Thank you! 


Polo NewsBorrowing Kit Posted By: Charlie On: Tue 28th Jul, 2015 7:06am

Hello All

I was back at Warwick at the weekend and saw the kit look a bit light.

Please if you need to borrow the kit please just drop me a e-mail or text so I know were it all is.


Thanks Charlie


 Garage KeyPosted By: Sam On: Wed 17th Jun, 2015 8:06am
I've just been to pick up the garage keys for the nene and I have good news! The new fangled electronic system is up and running.

Anyone who is on the current garage list can go along to the gatehouse and be put on the system so that all you need to take out the garage key is your student card.

 Summer Mini LeaguesPosted By: Jamie On: Fri 12th Jun, 2015 8:08pm

Dear all you polo people,

We have been invited to a couple of tournaments over the summer.
These will consist of a one day from 1.30pm till 5pm in Liverpool so we will aim to leave at 9.30am and return about 8pm.

The tournament dates are

Saturday 11th July:

Warwick University

Friends of Allonby 1

Friends of Allonby 2


Saturday 8th August:

Bangor University

Warwick University

Friends of Allonby 1

Friends of Allonby 2

The tournaments will be a challenge but should be fun, the Friends of Allonby are the hosts and host a fun day :)
Might be a good opportunity to compete with shotclocks :)

Sign up on the website opens asap, closing at 6pm Friday 19th June :) 

Love Jamie (imperitive)


 POPPosted By: Jefff On: Fri 12th Jun, 2015 4:12pm
Reminder that we have POP BBQ next Wednesday (17th June) from 5-10 pm. The theme is summer. Tickets for POP have sold out but feel free to come along to the BBQ even if you don’t have tickets. We will be at the BBQ outside Arthur Vick (see the map here: link ) We will provide fire and cooking utensils but you need to bring food and booze. See you all there!

 EPIC PARTY!Posted By: Lauren On: Sat 6th Jun, 2015 11:50am

Hey Guys and Gals, it’s that time of the year again!! EPIC PARTY is upon us.

Epic party is the biggest and bestest social of the year! There’ll be a BBQ, booze, bouncy castle, beats, boogying and MORE.

When? 7pm Wednesday Week 9 (24th June)

Where? Leam Rugby Club (Just campus side of Leamington Spa, the U1 stops right outside)

Who? Plus ones welcome (if you get them a ticket)


How?... Dresscode is fancy so suit up!

Ticket Prices:

Earlybird (any time before Monday 22nd June): £30

Price after that date: £35

Non-alcohol price: £20

You will not be on my ticketed list until you have paid me (personally) in cash. If you have any food intolerances/ allergies please let one of the exec know beforehand.

Hopefully see you all there!

1 comment

 Crest/Logo Competition!Posted By: Jennie On: Tue 2nd Jun, 2015 2:05pm
Hey Kayakers,
Fancy a break from revision, or something to do if you picked an awesome subject and have finished exams already? It's logo competition time! Both Canoe and Canoe Polo need new crests and/or logos for kit next year, so you've got from today until Midday 10th June to submit your best ideas to , before the club votes on them from 10-12th.
Happy logo-ing! 

Freya and Jennie x

Polo NewsSummer Holiday Polo Posted By: Emma On: Tue 2nd Jun, 2015 8:05am
Holiday Polo has been booked. 8:30-9:30pm Wednesdays from 22nd July to 30th September and every Monday in September.
Fill out the doodle please - link


 NENEPosted By: Sam On: Mon 1st Jun, 2015 8:02am
Hello all, Calling all intrepid paddlers beleaguered by exams, the end is nigh! And if you were wondering what to do with yourself after those pesky exams are finished then fret no longer. On Wednesday Week 9 (17th June) we are hiring out the Nene Whitewater Centre exclusively for 2 hours. We will be meeting outside the sports centre at 8:30 and will be home in plenty of time for the outdoor circle/BBQ and POP! At only £10 it’s a steal! Sign up will go live on the website on Monday (today) noon(ish).

 SURF TRIPPosted By: Sam On: Mon 1st Jun, 2015 8:01am
Hello all, The time- end of week 9. The place- Newgale Beach, Pembrokeshire (Wales). Yes, I’m talking about Warwick Canoe Surf Trip 2015. A delightful weekend of barbecuing, camping and generally chilling on the beach. Oh, and a bit of surf kayaking as well! We will be taking two minibuses, so you have choices for when you want to join/leave us (both buses will meet outside the sports centre): · Morning Bus- Leaving at 9:00 Friday (19th June) · Evening Bus- Leaving at 6:00 Friday (19th June) · Sunday Bus- Returning Sunday evening (21st June) · Monday Bus- Returning Monday daytime (22nd June) Transport will cost £20 to be paid in advance and camping is £5pppn (please bring cash!). There will be four sign ups going live on Monday (Today) noon(ish). Please SIGN UP FOR ONE BUS EACH WAY (Otherwise we will assume you are making your own travel arrangements!) As a memento of this trip (and the year as a whole) don’t forget to get your hands on a surf trip t-shirt! (link

 Surf Trip T-shirtsPosted By: Freya On: Fri 29th May, 2015 2:10pm

It may seem like summer is a long way off while you're in the midst of revision (unless you're lucky enough to have already finished), but actually it's not so far off now. And with the end of term comes surf trip, and with that surf trip t-shirts! This year they cost just £10, and the sizes are S(34/36"), M(38/40"), L(42/44") and XL(46/48"). To buy your t-shirt, just follow the payment link below by Wednesday 3rd June.

Freya xx

 Thursday CancelledPosted By: Sam On: Tue 26th May, 2015 1:44pm

Hello all,

Just wanted to let everyone know that as a club we are running an event on the Piazza as a part of National Canoeing Week. We've managed to get hold of an ergo machine (like a rowing machine but for kayaking) and this looks to be great fun with everyone welcome to come along and give it a go, so bring your friends!

Unfortunately this piazza paddling extravaganza clashes with our usual Thursday 15:00-16:00 pool session so for this week it has been cancelled.



 Ironman HelpPosted By: Emma On: Wed 13th May, 2015 9:47am
I received this email and wasn't sure if anyone was up for earning a bit of money after exams are done. 
The club wont be going however if you can get yourselves there then you can use the club boats if needed.
Don't want anyone getting too bored after exams! 

Hi there,


Apologies for the email out of the blue, I hope you don’t mind me getting in touch.


As you may have seen in the press, Ironman is coming to Chasewater Country Park, Staffordshire later this year on Sun 14th June.


I’m responsible for the swim section of the ultra-distance triathlon and am currently in the process of recruiting safety kayakers to join our safety team for the event and wondered if any of your club members may be interested in getting involved?


We pay £45 per kayaker for the event – which can either be paid to the individual directly or back into the club coffers (if you’d like to use it as an opportunity to raise funds for the club) - whichever you’d prefer.


I wonder if you could forward this onto your members and ask, if they’re interested in getting involved, to register for the event online here:


It is an early start at Chasewater (briefing at 05:00) but is all done and dusted by 09:00. Accommodation (or camping) and BBQ is available and on offer for the Saturday evening if anyone would like to come over and stay on-site.


Any help you could offer in terms of recruitment would be greatly appreciated. If you have any other questions or queries please do let me know.




 Handover Social 7/5/15Posted By: Jefff On: Wed 6th May, 2015 5:14pm
Reminder that we will be meeting at The Benjamin Satchwell in Leam on Thursday 7th.

If you plan on having a meal, meet at 19:00.  If you just want to join in on the drinking side, meet at 20:30.


Alan and Jeff

 Warwick RAGE! League 2015 Trash talk pagePosted By: Jamie On: Mon 27th Apr, 2015 1:42pm


Here are the RAGE! teams!

Team1 Andrew ‘Project CHLOE’ McClough, The Jevon Adams, Samuel ‘Pedo’ Davies, Christlock Holmes, Hazza Pearce, Jennie ’10,000,000’ Stanford

Team2 Matthew ‘Byrne’ Bryce, MADison McClougvin, Flerminater Heitz, Hadyn Lucky Parker, Oliver ‘The Torrent’ Tarrant, Sam ‘probably Chaz, maybe Dave’ Hennem

Team3 Jamie ‘3’ Anderson, Anjasaurus Rex Humpert, eRich An-dragon, MArkenstone Hadley, Jeff ‘Like the wolf’ Howells, Lozza ‘no pains; no’ Gaines

Team4 Gabriel ‘Konqueror’ Kempski, Matt ‘Babyface’ Clough, Emma #Beaney4Beanies, Charlie ‘Sheen’ Perera, Philip ‘Shooter’ Scholten, Thom ‘Look Left’ Millward


Tuesday 28th April at normal polo time (8-10pm) will see the glorious combatations between Team1 Vs Team2 followed by Team3 Vs Team4

There will be a short preliminary half, operating a first come first served basis, beforehand.


 RAGE! Fantasy Teams 2015 - Official ForumPosted By: Jamie On: Mon 27th Apr, 2015 1:38pm

Hi all,

Here are the RAGE! teams!

Team1 Andrew ‘Project CHLOE’ McClough, The Jevon Adams, Samuel ‘Pedo’ Davies, Christlock Holmes, Hazza Pearce, Jennie ’10,000,000’ Stanford

Team2 Matthew ‘Byrne’ Bryce, MADison McClougvin, Flerminater Heitz, Hadyn Lucky Parker, Oliver ‘The Torrent’ Tarrant, Sam ‘probably Chaz, maybe Dave’ Hennem

Team3 Jamie ‘3’ Anderson, Anjasaurus Rex Humpert, eRich An-dragon, MArkenstone Hadley, Jeff ‘Like the wolf’ Howells, Lozza ‘no pains; no’ Gaines

Team4 Gabriel ‘Konqueror’ Kempski, Matt ‘Babyface’ Clough, Emma #Beaney4Beanies, Charlie ‘Sheen’ Perera, Philip ‘Shooter’ Scholten, Thom ‘Look Left’ Millward

Tuesday 28th April at normal polo time (8-10pm) will see the glorious combatations between Team1 Vs Team2 followed by Team3 Vs Team4

There will be a short preliminary half, operating a first come first served basis, beforehand.

And now, drumroll please, the grand part you’ve all been waiting for; the battle of wit, arithmetic, nerves and sheer luck. Set to be the proving ground of both polo coaches and venture capitalists of the future. You don’t need to be a competitor to have a flutter, all are welcome. This season’s hottest polo tournament, The Warwick RAGE! League is shaping up to be the biggest tournament ever. Take your time, follow your instinct, get in there quickly with your best entry or, hold back, scrutinise other’s entries first – the choice is yours. You are welcome to enter as many times as you like.

Player Values (in millions)

Andrew ‘Chloe’ Clough - £9.77

Matthew ‘Bryce’ Byrne - £9.46

Jamie Anderson - £8.21

Gabriel Kempski - £8.13

Matt ‘baby’ Clough - £8.04

Anja Humpert - £8.00

Madison McClough - £7.54

Jevon Adams - £7.25

Erich Andrag - £6.63

Samuel ‘Pedo’ Davies - £5.92

Florian Heits - £5.63

Haydyn Luke Parker - £5.50

Charlie Perera - £5.42

Mark Hadley - £5.08

Philip Scholten - £4.88

Emma Beaney - £4.83

Chris Holmes - £4.50

Harriet Pearce - £4.35

Rob ‘Jeff’ Howells - £4.33

Oliver Tarrant - £4.08

Thomas Millward - £4.04

Jennie Stanford - £3.50

Lauren Gaines - £3.15

Samuel Hennem - £3.04

Entry Fee per team : £2 (No limit on the amount of entries per person)


• Teams may not be the same as someone else’s - 1st post on the forum 1st served 

• Team value may not exceed £40 million
 • Teams may not contain more than 3 players from the same RAGE! team

• Teams must include 7 players
• Elect a team captain from your squad of 7 - Their score will be doubled

• All entries must be posted on this news thread by 18:00 Tuesday 28th (tomorrow, sorry…) Teams will be input based on posts at this time. Up to that point you are free to edit/withdraw your team. Please do triple/quadruple check your team fits these rules!

• If a player withdraws from competition (the whole league, not just one week) due to injury then they will be replaced in any fantasy teams by a random player of the highest possible value not exceeding the value of the injured player.

• There will be 2 stats takers and refs per game chosen by the exec. Their decisions are final.


Points are awarded as follows: 

• Goal 5 points
• Assist 3 points (an assist is any piece of play that leads directly to a goal eg. Pass or GOOD breaking up of zone)

·         Winning Possession 1 Point (intercepting a pass, winning a sprint to a loose ball, etc)

·         Binning an OPPONENT 1 point (must be legal)

• Save 3 points points for their first save and 2 points for every subsequent Save (any stopped shot on target)

• Man/woman of the match 5 points (as decided by tournament organisers/ exec, anyone I deem important enough to appoint this duty on the night)

• Green Card -1 point

• Yellow Card - 3 points

• Red Card - 10 points

• Appearance + 1 point 

• A players (real life) teams goal difference is added to their score (if they played in the match.) i.e. No appearance = 0 points regardless of the goal difference as they weren't responsible for it. Appearance and 3 - 2 victory = 1 (appearance) + 3 (goals for) - 2 (goals against) = 2. Appearance and 4 - 1 loss = 1 (appearance) + 1 (goals for) - (4 goals against) = -2


Prizes (as a percentage of entry money) Top scorer etc. Will be taken from fantasy league entrants only. Most cards will come from anyone you have been warned - play fair boys and girls

• Winner of fantasy league - 40 %

• 2nd in fantasy league - 25%

• 3rd in fantasy league - 10%

• Last in fantasy league - 5%

• "The Glory Hog Award" (Top scorer) - 5%

• "The Team Player Award" (Top assister) - 5%

• "MVP" (Highest fantasy points) - 5 % 

• "The Wise Buy Award" (Best points/cost ratio) - 5%

• "The Naughty Boy Award" (Highest negative points for cards) - Paddle (dirty)

Some ‘Interesting’ Stats

The total value is £141.28 million

The mean player value is £5.89 million making Sam D the most average player in the club by mean.

Closing Remark
As Henry Clay once said;
“Statistics are no replacement for judgement”

Choose wisely and may the best team manager win.

polo loath, 


 BUCS Polo kitPosted By: Admiral Bryce On: Thu 23rd Apr, 2015 8:19am
Hello polo people,
I will be making sure the boats and rest of the kit is ready to go to BUCS tomorrow from about 5.30 onwards. If you can drop down for a couple of hours it would be much appreciated - most of the work done will be checking and redoing bumpers and labelling kit. I'm picking paddles up at 5pm so if I'm not there when you arrive start getting boats out and checking they have bumpers and look at the paddles and decks to find which ones have a little "W" on the grab handle and which ones have a size aswell. Cheers, Bryce

 RAGE! League Rankings URGENT Posted By: Jamie On: Wed 22nd Apr, 2015 11:53am

Hi all you poloer’s :)

The prodigious RAGE! League entrants have volunteered as tribute!
All members shall view and rank this band of couRAGEous polo players!

Anja Humpert

Jamie Anderson

Erich Andrag

Matt ‘Baby’ Clough

Jevon Adams

Charlie Perera

Thomas Millward

Mark Hadley

Madison McClough

Oliver Tarrant

Andrew ‘Chloe’ McClough

Rob ‘Jeff’ Howells

Lauren Gaines

Florian Heitz

Jennie Stanford

Phillip Scholten

Gabriel Kempski

Matthew ‘Bryce’ Byrne

Harriet Pearce

Samuel ‘Pedo’ Davies

Emma Beaney

Hadyn Luke Parker

Samuel Hennem

Chris Holmes

Cast your judgement upon these brave many.
Rank players from 1 to 10 inclusive with 1 being the worst and 10 the best. Men and women are obviously on the same scale. The rating should be based on how good the player is in general: things like passing, catching, play making, tactics, polo paddling tekkers, shooting, saving, etc.
Please don’t be nice and give everyone high scores as that will skew the system. Also don’t rank too low, you mean bastards….

Please send your rankings to by midnight of Friday the 24th April!
This is essential to the smooth running of the RAGE! League so please be prompt with your ranking response :)

Yours in polo,
Jamie :)


 ElectionsPosted By: Gabs On: Sun 5th Apr, 2015 5:27pm
Canoe and Canoe Polo elections will be happening on 30/04/15 (Thursday week 2) at the Robins' Well.

They will start at 7pm so please be on time. Dress code is formal so suit up!

If you want to run for something on the canoe exec then please email , letting me know which position you want to run for.

If you want to run for something on the polo exec then please email, letting Anja know which position you want to run for.

More details on the positions can be found here: link .

If you are running for something then you'll need to come up with a good canoe themed song/poem/dance entertainment and think of joke. You will recite the song and joke on the night.

If you're thinking of running for either president then you'll need to submit a manifesto.
The deadline for submitting your manifesto is Saturday 18th April (last Saturday of Easter holidays) so that they can be sent out to the whole club in week 1 of term 3.

If you're still not sure whether you want to run for something or not, I would definitely urge you to! It's a great way to have your say in how the club is run and it looks great on your CV. The club needs an exec full of team players, people who are committed to the club and their exec position and who are generally not an arse!


 Warwick RAGE! League 2015Posted By: Jamie On: Tue 31st Mar, 2015 3:51pm

Hiya all Poloers,

After the BUCS event in the first weekend of term 3 (24th April) we will have little left to distract us from that living hell of studying our arses off to acheive.
We need a way to releive the stress and pressure.
Therefore I present to you the Annual Canoe Polo Warwick RAGE! League!
We sort out 4 teams based on how you rank each other as polo players so that the teams are as fair and equal as possible and this means that players of all abilities can play.
Then, each tuesday starting on the 28th April (week 2), each RAGE! team will play one game as part of the league, with the remaining pool time in the session being just for fun!
The winning RAGE! team at the end of the 6 weeks of matches will win street cred and a fabulous prize!

IF you would like to play in the RAGE! league, please sign up on the trips section of the website. Closing date will be tuesday 21st April.
 (It doesnt really matter if you cant make a couple of the weeks as there will be 6 weeks worth of matches, but dont sign up if you know that you will be away for the whole term. There will still be games for non-RAGE!-league players, just not as cool)

We will also be running a Fantasy Polo League!
You will be assigned a budget with which to purchase players to form a team from the people who sign up to the RAGE! League. The value of each player will be determined by the rankings you give each other for the RAGE! League. Players earn points for goals, saves, assists etc. during their RAGE! League games.  The cost of entering a team for the fantasy league is £2 and the managers of the teams coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive 60%, 30%, 10% respectivly of the intake for the Fantasy Polo League. (dont worry about the Fantasy Polo League yet, more information will be emailed out on the Wednesday 22rd April)

So please sign up for the RAGE! League by 21st of April so that we have time to arrange teams and send out details for setting up fantasy league teams. We will start with the RAGE! league competition in Week 2 of next term (28th April). 

Jamjam <3


Polo NewsHoliday poloPosted By: Anja On: Fri 13th Mar, 2015 1:53pm
Here the link for the doodle. Please keep it updated if you can. Expect all sessions to be on, unless you get an email telling you otherwise. link Important: Don't forgot to pack everything away by 7pm (sharp).

 BALLSPosted By: Anja On: Mon 9th Mar, 2015 1:27pm
Ball order: We will soon order new club balls. If you would like to order one too, please post here. Balls are roughly 25 pounds each. You can either order size 5 (men) or size 4 (women).

 Last Social of term!!Posted By: Lauren On: Fri 6th Mar, 2015 11:15am
Hi guys, Next Thursday 12th March we will be having our last social of term. This is traditionally a pre-tour social but obviously everyone is welcome. The plan will be to have a Spoons meal in Leam and then ultimately end up in Kelseys (as per)! Meet at 7:30pm in Benjamin Satchwell's (halway down the parade). I'm sure there will be a contingent of people coming from campus if you think you're likely to get lost!! See you then x

 SCOTLAND TOUR!!Posted By: Lauren On: Wed 4th Feb, 2015 7:42pm

Hola amigos,

 It’s that time of the year again; Scotland Tour is upon us! From Sunday 15th March to Monday 23rd March (first week of Easter Holidays) Warwick Canoe Club will be heading up to Scotland for a week of serious paddling and hardcore Fun!

  Scotland Tour is our biggest and bestest trip of the year and for any keen kayaker out there one not to miss!

  We will spend the first half of the trip in a bunkhouse in Nethy Bridge and then will be moving on to a second bunkhouse near Fort William. Potential paddling includes: the Spene Gorge, the mighty Findhorn, the legendary Etive and many more besides.

  The trip will cost £220, which is a bargain for 8 days considering it includes accommodation, transport, all your kit for the week, a group meal one night and more!

 As if that wasn’t enough: We will also be ordering in kegs of ale to the first bunkhouse just to add to the fun (for all those ale drinkers out there). The idea is we keep a track of how many pints each person drinks and then they pay for them at the end of the week! Simple!

 To come on the trip you must have been on at least one other club trip beforehand. If you have yet to be lucky enough to go on a club trip speak to a member of the exec about your eligibility to come on the trip.

  In order to go on the trip you must sign up on the website. Sign ups will go live at 6pm sharp next Monday (9th February). This will be a popular one so I suggest being by a computer at this time ready to sign up!! (I’ve made it after most people finish lectures so hopefully everyone should be free).

  Once the sign up closes we will send a confirmation email to each lucky paddler that signed up soonest to confirm their place on the trip. If you get a confirmation email you are committed to paying for the trip. In the event that you can no longer go on the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. If you are unable to make the trip and you have yet to receive a confirmation email but you have signed up on the Warwick Canoe website then send us an email and we will remove your sign up.

  I hope you’re all as excited as I am!!


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