Scotland shirts (sizes)Posted By: Nicky On: Sat 21st Feb, 2015 11:34am
Hiya yea brave Scotland trekkers,

As part of the epic tour you will soon embark on this Easter- everyone gets a t-shirt!
If you could simply comment below on what size shirt you want S, M, L, XL, XXL (its unisex) I can get the order through.

S-34/36,   M- 38/40   L-42/44   XL-46/48 etc.
Lots of love


Canoe NewsCanoe Club Pool Session CancellationsPosted By: Gabs On: Sun 15th Feb, 2015 9:01pm

Hi everyone,

Just to let you know about pool sessions over the remaining weeks of term.

  • Week 7 (week beginning 16/2/15): All pool sessions happening.
  • Week 8 (week beginning 23/2/15): Wednesday pool session given to canoe polo club.
  • Week 9 (week beginning 2/3/15): Wednesday pool session cancelled for Pop! social.
  • Week 10 (week beginning 9/3/15): All pool sessions happening.

In summary, the canoe club doesn’t have our Wednesday sessions in week 8 and 9 (weeks beginning 23rd Feb and 2nd March), other than that it is as normal.



 Real Ale!!Posted By: Lauren On: Wed 11th Feb, 2015 12:28pm

Sorry this is so late (somehow I managed to write an email but no news post).

The plan for tomorrow is to meet at the duck for dinner at 5pm (for those wanting dinner beforehand) or to meet in the queue at 6pm - no need to wait outside the copper rooms we'll congregate once inside.

Real ale costs £3.50 for entrance. Once inside youre able to try hundreds of ales, fruit wines and ciders and experience the wonder that is dr busker. Theres even a hog roast!!

Hopefully see you all there!!

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 Pop week 9Posted By: Lauren On: Tue 10th Feb, 2015 2:47pm

Just a reminder the next POP circling will be week 9 (4th March) and the theme will be Under the Sea (So get creative!). 

I would advise you to get tickets asap as you may have noticed today it's been announced that The Chuckle Brothers are coming to Pop week 9 so I imagine it'll sell out more quickly than normal!!

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Polo NewsPolo HoodiesPosted By: Hadyn On: Sun 8th Feb, 2015 2:25pm

Howdy all,

Polo hoodies are ready to order, these are different to the canoe club hoodies you may have heard about however, ours are vastly superior as they have Polo written on them!

There are Varsity Hoodie and Chunky Zoodie (zipped hoodies) these come with the club logo printed on the back, the university crest & club name embroidered on the left breast and your name embroidered on the right breast. This is all included in the price of the hoodie. 

The Varsity Hoodies cost £21.45 and the Chunky Zoodies cost £26.95. You order and pay for the hoodies by following the link below to the online shop. This online shop will be open for just 2 weeks and will shut at the end of the day on Friday 21st February. Once the shop shuts the hoodies will be ordered and delivered in one go about 2-3 weeks later.


Rash Vests! The deadline for placing your order with your size preference is Monday morning (9th Feb) linkAs I will be sending the order e-mail out on Monday these only cost £15 plus P&P and are the only piece of team kit we ask you to buy. And For Fuck's Sake please change your user name on the club website from your university number to your actual name if you haven't already, you can do so here: link



 SCOTLAND TOUR!!Posted By: Lauren On: Wed 4th Feb, 2015 7:42pm

Hola amigos,

 It’s that time of the year again; Scotland Tour is upon us! From Sunday 15th March to Monday 23rd March (first week of Easter Holidays) Warwick Canoe Club will be heading up to Scotland for a week of serious paddling and hardcore Fun!

  Scotland Tour is our biggest and bestest trip of the year and for any keen kayaker out there one not to miss!

  We will spend the first half of the trip in a bunkhouse in Nethy Bridge and then will be moving on to a second bunkhouse near Fort William. Potential paddling includes: the Spene Gorge, the mighty Findhorn, the legendary Etive and many more besides.

  The trip will cost £220, which is a bargain for 8 days considering it includes accommodation, transport, all your kit for the week, a group meal one night and more!

 As if that wasn’t enough: We will also be ordering in kegs of ale to the first bunkhouse just to add to the fun (for all those ale drinkers out there). The idea is we keep a track of how many pints each person drinks and then they pay for them at the end of the week! Simple!

 To come on the trip you must have been on at least one other club trip beforehand. If you have yet to be lucky enough to go on a club trip speak to a member of the exec about your eligibility to come on the trip.

  In order to go on the trip you must sign up on the website. Sign ups will go live at 6pm sharp next Monday (9th February). This will be a popular one so I suggest being by a computer at this time ready to sign up!! (I’ve made it after most people finish lectures so hopefully everyone should be free).

  Once the sign up closes we will send a confirmation email to each lucky paddler that signed up soonest to confirm their place on the trip. If you get a confirmation email you are committed to paying for the trip. In the event that you can no longer go on the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. If you are unable to make the trip and you have yet to receive a confirmation email but you have signed up on the Warwick Canoe website then send us an email and we will remove your sign up.

  I hope you’re all as excited as I am!!

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 Friday PolosPosted By: Jamie On: Tue 3rd Feb, 2015 2:30pm

Hiya All,

There will be an additional training polo training session in the pool at 11:00 till 12:30 this friday morning. 

Everyone is welcome, the more the merrier, this will be a more structured training session with multiple drills aimed at improving boat skills, passing, shooting, paddling technique, goalkeeping etc

We will be learning and practicing those dip turns, along with other techniques like keeping possesion, lessening a tackle, skinning. A little bit of nose dip dancing as well.

We have the friday session slot for this week and for week 8. So make the most of them!

The reason we have this slot is for preparation for the div 4 tournament on the weekend, but as i say, everyone is welcome. This is a good opportunity to ask how to do stuff or just to get a bit more information about techniques/rules etc               and more practice :) 

Jamie :) 


 Canoe hoodies -yey!!Posted By: Nicky On: Mon 2nd Feb, 2015 8:44am
Hiya canoers' old and new!
To stop our poor club members freezing themselves anymore in our breezy 2nd term we have some beautiful canoe club hoodies on sale, which are super warm (and loaded with useful pockets) - just ask anyone from last year!

Just follow the links through on the WEBPAGE to the Warwick canoe page (Warwick university societies > Warwick canoe)

There are two logos to choose from, plus a range of colors and sizes and the option to get your name embroidered too.
The price is £20.95 with name and slightly cheaper without (just ignore the part about VAT on the webpage- it is included already).

The deadline is 2 weeks time! so everyone has them in time for tour and/or showing off in Easter- (expected to arrive round week 8)
So go go go!

if you need any help with the webpage or sizes just post below and i'll get back asap

Lots of love Nicky x

 PUB GOLF!!!Posted By: Lauren On: Tue 27th Jan, 2015 12:46am
Hey guys and gals, This friday (30th January) is PUB GOLF!!! The idea is you have a list of drinks to drink upon the route and the quickest one to drink them all wins! We shall be meeting at 6:30pm at The Duck for dinner and finishing in Leamington at Kelsey's (possibly Neon if we're feeling brave!!) Those that arent joining us for dinner meet at the Duck for 7:30pm and the course shall start then. Costume Theme is: Babies/ toddlers for freshers, rebellious teens/ geeks for 2nd years, OAPs for 3rd/4th years and the Afterlife for old gits. Penalties for those with poor costume! If you want to go to Neon afterwards (or think you'll get there) remember to wear a disposible costume so you'll be allowed in!! Remember: Bring along a pen/pencil to mark your score otherwise no one will ever know what a heavyweight you are!! There will also be a non-alcoholic and a lighter route for those not wanting to hit it hard. Love, Your amazing social secs, Lauren and Jamie xx

 Canoe Polo Refresher Taster SessionPosted By: Lauren On: Thu 22nd Jan, 2015 6:39pm

Next Tuesday from 8pm-10pm in the pool (27th January) Canoe Polo are holding a refreshers taster session for those that want to give Polo a go. It will be a more of a chilled out session giving newcomers the chance to try out the sport without being thrown in at the deep end! So if you've spent the first term floating around at a canoe session and are thinking "I wonder what it would be like if a ball and some goals were added into the equation??" come along! And bring your friends!! (as it is a taster session anyone should be able to get into the pool even without warwick sport membership if they mention they are there for a canoe polo taster session at reception).

Hopefully see you all there!!


Polo NewsPolo Rash VestsPosted By: Hadyn On: Thu 22nd Jan, 2015 6:20pm

By now you have seen several people walking about with wearing some sexy blue polo rash vest, well now is the time to get in on that action. We are putting an order in for polo rash vest if you want to look sexy as, then you must post up on the website here by Sunday 8th February (end of week 5) along with your size XS, S, M, L, XL e.c.t.

This year they are going to cost £15 (inc VAT) plus postage which will depend on how many we order but I estimate it to be an additional 50p-90p.

Stay tuned and I will have more information about our Polo Hoodies shortly. 



 Ball Throwing PracticePosted By: Jamie On: Wed 21st Jan, 2015 1:51pm

Hi all,

Informing you of a club Ball Throwing practice and training session next wednesday 28th of January at 8am-9am in the Westwood Games Hall

This may sound silly but ball throwing is an essential skill in canoe polo and we all need to practice it. The session will mainly consist of groups of two people passing to hand, varing the distance, the angle, which hand you use, short and hard, lob passes, side by side, forwards and backwards, from behind etc. We will also do circle based drills, multiball reaction training and a few other drills/games.

There are many subtleties involved with throwing the ball. Remember to throw with your wrist, elbow, shoulder and trunk rotation. Try and catch with one hand and release in the same motion. Remember to take the speed off the ball by reaching out for it and then bringing it back. Copy someone who you think throws really well with a similar build to you. During games, think about where someone needs to receive it and at what speed, also try to match the pass with their capabilities; level of concentration, alertness and skill level.

Open to everyone, of course :) , It'd be especially really good to see all those who are already in Warwick Teams in attendance :)

cya there on Wednsday 28th at 8am in the Westwood Games Hall, I might even be tempted by a library cafe breakfast afterwards...

bring your student id to get into the hall :)

The Coaching Secretary,

 Jamie Anderson


 Pop and pool session cancellationPosted By: Lauren On: Tue 20th Jan, 2015 9:37am

Hey guys,

Just a subtle reminder to buy circling tickets for POP this Wednesday. The theme is Storybook characters so I hope to see some great outfits (Ive already bought my face paint!!) There are still circling tickets available if you haven't had a chance to get one yet.

Because of POP there will be no pool session this wednesday (21st January).

Lots of Social Sec love,

Lauren and Jamie x


Canoe NewsCanoe Trip to the Lake District!Posted By: Gabs On: Thu 15th Jan, 2015 12:28pm


The next white water kayaking trip this term is to the Lake District! It’s going to be happening on the weekend of week 5 (6th-8th/2/2015). We will be meeting at the sports centre car park at 4 p.m. on the Friday.

To be eligible to go on this trip you must have come to at least 3 canoe pool sessions (but preferably more)!

The cost of the trip will be £37. We will be staying in a (very nice) town hall so you will need a sleeping bag AND a roll mat/thermarest/air bed. If you don’t have these items then let one of the exec know ASAP as we should be able to find something for you.

When on the river you will also need some shoes. Old trainers work perfectly!

Signups will open on Tuesday the 20th (i.e. Tuesday week 3) at 6 p.m. and will close on Friday the 23rd at 6 pm. Places are slightly more limited on this trip compared to some of the others so make sure you sign up quickly, and don’t forget to do it; set a reminder on your phone, write it on your hand, or write it on the inside of your eye lids!

You will be able to sign up on the canoe website here: link

Once the sign up closes we will send a confirmation email to each lucky paddler that signed up soonest to confirm their place on the trip. If you get a confirmation email you are committed to paying for the trip. In the event that you can no longer go on the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. If you are unable to make the trip and you have yet to receive a confirmation email but you have signed up on the Warwick Canoe website then send us an email and we will remove your sign up.


A round up of trips happening this term:

Week 2: Dart trip

Week 5: Lakes Trip (as detailed in this email)

Week 6: BUCS slalom

Week 9: NSR!!!!!

Week 11 (Easter holidays, leaving 15/3/15): Scotland Tour!!


Lots of love,



 Scavenger HuntPosted By: Lauren On: Mon 12th Jan, 2015 1:58pm

Hey Guys and Gals,

This Thursday (15th Jan) we shall be having a fun filler Scavenger Hunt around Leamington. Meet at the top of the parade (outside Tesco) at 7pm. You will then be put into teams and sent off with a fun list of tasks to complete. When we reconvene I shall judge which team has won and there may even be a small prize! Personally this was one of my favourite socials last year so hopefully see you all there!!!


Canoe NewsNSR is here!Posted By: Jevon On: Mon 12th Jan, 2015 12:50pm

Hello future NSR champions!

The time has come to sign up to NSR! Please sign up here on the website.

This is a weekend not to miss; it is the highlight of many peoples uni kayaking time, including mine! This amazing weekend is taking place on the 6th to 8th of March, week 9. Sign ups will be going live on the 13th Jan (tomorrow) at 13:00.

It is a camping weekend at HPP in Nottingham where we will be taking part in ridiculous kayaking events such as extreme slalom where you go down the whitewater course doing stupid stuff such as throwing your paddles through a hoop and hitting targets, ‘freestyle’ events; I use that term lightly as you get points for blowing kisses at the judges and jumping out of your boat! There is also a duo competition that has a race down the course and a freestyle frenzy that has numerous boats competing in one feature at once – fantastic fun!

Throughout the day you can chill by the side of the course, drinking and watching all those silly people doing stupid stuff in boats, you can be one of those people taking part (highly recommended), chase a man dressed as a rabbit and tackle him to the floor, demo many of the nice shiny new boats on offer there or all of the above.

On the Saturday night there is a cooked meal followed by an amazing party that has a carnival theme this year.

You’d be a nutter to miss this weekend!

The cost of the weekend varies with how many people we get going so I can only give a rough guide now I’m afraid, the price brackets are:

 Around 10 people £20 to £25

Around 20 people £40 to £45

The actual ticket for entry to this is £49, so even £45 is a bargain when transport is included. The price varies as so much as we have a pot of entry fee cash that we can split between everyone going. So the more people going, the less we can subsidise individual tickets, so unfortunately it is slightly more per person.

Please sign up ASAP as tickets sell out fast for this event. Sign ups will be closing on Tue 20th Jan at 12:00. You are committed to paying once sign ups have closed. If you can no longer come please let me know asap, if this is before sign ups close, no problem, if it’s after sign ups close you will have to pay unless we can find someone to take your place. I will send out a link to pay at a later date.

Much Kayaking Love!



 Socials this termPosted By: Lauren On: Fri 9th Jan, 2015 1:52pm
Hey Guys,
Here's a list of the socials for this term. It is subject to change but shouldn't too much so you can pop the dates in your calender and we'll hopefully see you all there!!
Week 2 (Thursday 15th Jan) : Scavenger Hunt around Leamington (details tbc soon!)
Week 3 (Wednesday 21st Jan): POP. Theme: Storybook Characters.
Week 4 (Friday 30th Jan): Pub Golf. Dress-up Themes: Freshers- Babies/toddlers, 2nd Years- Rebellious teens/ geeks, 3/4th years- OAPs, Old Gits- The afterlife. Hope to see some great costumes!
Week 6 (Thursday 12th February): REAL ALE!!
Week 7: Polo socials
Week 9 (Wednesday 4th March): POP. Theme: Under the sea.
Week 10: Pre tour social.

 BUCS Canoe SlalomPosted By: Jamie On: Tue 6th Jan, 2015 7:33pm

BUCS Canoe Slalom at the weekend of week 6/21 (13th-15th February for real people)

The club shall be attending the annual British Universities and Colleges Sports Canoe Slalom competition on the 14th and 15th of February.
 We shall drive up the Friday 13th night, sleep in a nice warm barn.
Do some slalom; link & youtube has some vids too ; Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
Home, victorious…

This is a BUCS event which means that it is heavily subsidised by the university, good news :) 
Subject to suffiecient numbers, this should be a £10 weekend +your own food and drink.

Open to any experience level :) 

Sign Up is now open, closing wednesday 14th January


 Refreshers Trip!Posted By: Lauren On: Tue 6th Jan, 2015 9:56am

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Refreshers Trip is nigh upon us!

  The weekend of 17-18th January (end of week 2) we will be heading down to the Dart for our annual refreshers trip - Another chance to try out white-water kayaking for those that didn’t come on Freshers or Tyne Tour (and of course those that did are still very welcome!). We will be leaving campus at about 4pm on Friday 16th Jan and returning late on the Sunday.

 Over the weekend we will be staying in a bunkhouse near the river and will spend our evenings generally chit chatting about life, the universe and everything – there may even be some organized fun! Anyone who’s been to at least one pool session is welcome.

 As per, you will need to bring a sleeping bag, lots of warm layers for the river and a pair of shoes you can wear on the river that you don’t mind getting wet.

 The trip will cost £35. This will include accommodation, travel and any kit you’ll need.

You will receive an email with a link for payment after you’ve received confirmation of whether you’ll be able to go or not. To be able to come you must sign up here: link . The sign ups will go live on the website 12 noon this Thursday and will close 12 noon this Saturday. You will then receive a confirmation email letting you know if you were lucky enough to sign up in time to come on the trip. If you were one of the chosen few to receive a confirmation email you are committed to paying for the trip. In the event that you can no longer go on the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. If you are unable to make the trip and you have yet to receive a confirmation email but you have signed up on the Warwick Canoe website then send us an email and we will remove your sign up. 

 Hopefully see you all at the curry social this Thursday! (7:30pm King Babas, Bath Street, Leam)


Canoe NewsNSRPosted By: Jevon On: Mon 5th Jan, 2015 5:26pm

The National Student Rodeo is fast approaching and tickets will be selling out quick. 

For those of you that don't know what it is, it is a weekend full of camping, BBQs, drinking, music, chasing a man dressed as a rabbit with the occasional bit of paddling thrown in, check out this video of 2013 NSR here: . All of this is at HPP in Nottingham on the 6th to 8th March (Week 9).

How the weekend works:
Leave on friday and return on sunday as usual. We will be camping across the road from HPP at a campsite. Throughout the weekend you can enter events such as freestyle and the duo competition (which we won two years ago!!). On the Saturday night there is a big social organized by River Legacy along with a meal. There is a Carnival theme this year, judging by fancy dresses we had last year I expect some good ones.

More details will follow once I know prices. If you have any questions just ask me via email, facebook, the website or grab me at a pool session.
Please express your interest on this website forum. (as a rough cost guide, it'll be in the region of £45 to £50, I'll give a better idea once I know ticket prices)


 Curry SocialPosted By: Lauren On: Sun 4th Jan, 2015 7:15pm

Hey guys,

Just as a welcome back social this Thursday (8th Jan), Jamie and I thought it would be nice if we were all to go for a curry in Leam (Definitely King Baba’s on Bath Street). Plan will be to meet at the restaurant at 7:30 to stuff our faces and then possibly go for a couple of drinks afterwards. If you don’t know where the restaurant is/ are unsure of how to get there let me know.

  Hopefully see you all there.

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 REC First Aid coursePosted By: Chris On: Wed 10th Dec, 2014 11:15pm

Could everyone doing the course (28th feb to 1st march) please put down a deposit of £30 (or just pay the total £65) by the end of next week. You can either pay in cash at the centre, or by phone: 01926889928 .

If anyone else is interested in the course, there's still places available, or if you can't make the date, there's another course being run from 31st jan to 1st feb, which will be at the same price. Please let me know asap.

Thanks, and merry christmas 

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 Chrimbo MealPosted By: Lauren On: Tue 2nd Dec, 2014 6:53pm
Hello, Who’s excited for Christmas Meal this Thursday?? I AM Just a quick reminder we’ll be meeting at 7:00 pm at the Robbins’ Well in Leam (basically opposite the Church) and if you’re eating to bring your £10 along with you (preferably perfect change). For those of you arriving late or not eating we will probably be at the Well until closing (maybe a little earlier) and then shall go to Kelseys (just text someone to find out where we’re up to). The dress code is SMART! So guys dust off your suits and gals dig out your dresses and heels. Remember if you’ve signed up for secret santa to buy your presents and bring them along on the night otherwise we might have some upset people! (and to put a label on them addressing who they’re to but not from!) Hopefully see you all there in festive spirits! Love, Your truly wonderful social secs, Lauren and Jamie xx

 Secret SantaPosted By: Lauren On: Mon 24th Nov, 2014 3:20pm

I've now made the secret santa list and will send everyone a text/fb message today to let them know who they're buying a present for. If you don't receive a message by the end of the day and think you've definitely signed up let me know and i'll try and sort it. Ho Ho Ho :)


 Canoe club JacketsPosted By: Nicky On: Fri 21st Nov, 2014 11:09pm

Hiya everyone, 

To freshers and new members: By now I'm sure your starting to get the vibe Been There, Done that... well now you can go one step better than just getting a shirt, you can get a nice shiny, super fancy canoe club jacket just in time to write on your Christmas list to Santa.
This is a really great bit of kit for all the trips going on next year, its going to get cold in January/February, and you'll be kayaking all day on those trips.
 Plus there is Scotland tour to think about- you defiantly need warm gear for that!
To older members and old gits: your much loved canoe jacket may now be falling into disrepair,  why not take advantage of the canoe club and get a nice new jacket, cheaper by far than any normal high street price for its brand!
The jackets this year are Buffalo Mountain shirts and while in previous years we have used Montane, they have been difficult to order from so this year the club can do better:-
Buffalo clothing is handmade in the UK and is designed to handle any tough weather that you can throw at it: people use the jackets to go up Everest, the military and outdoor specialists use it, and its generally loved by any camping/mountaineering group who is able to get their hands on it. Just check out their site!
As for features; look on the product page, but is really easy to adjust, lots of pockets, super warm and I have got the detachable hoods included in the deal too :) 
In addition the jackets all get "Warwick canoe" signage and your name embroidered on!
Not only that but there are Ladies versions! which cost no more than the mens and come in different colour choices too!
All included the jackets cost £115.20
Thats Jacket, hood,printing costs, and P+P all included. Its a little pricey i know, but you cannot get better quality, not even from North face! 
And its Christmas, so get your Aunty Ann or Grandpa so-and-so to buy it for you or contribute, its probably most useful xmas present you can get!
I am not asking for money yet, just interest- so if you think you are wanting one- just sign-up on the website  and I can get size/colour details and money later down the line.
Lots of Love
Nicky Harris (Secretary)

 Socials ReminderPosted By: Lauren On: Thu 20th Nov, 2014 12:51pm
Hey Guys, Just a general socials update for you: Firstly, skl dayz pre drinks will be from 8pm this Saturday at Sam and Jamie’s house - 39 Charter Avenue, Canley, CV4 8EJ. Secondly, POP on Wednesday 26th. There are still circling tickets on sale but I’m sure there won’t be for long so get your ticket NOW! The theme is ‘Time Travel’ so hope you’re all getting creative! Last, but definitely not least, Christmas Meal is on 4th December (Thursday week 10) so sign up NOW! If you’ve already signed up please remember to post what you want to eat on the ‘christmas meal menu’ forum on the website otherwise I shall have to chase you!! Also, sign up for Secret Santa. We shall be exchanging presents on the night of the Christmas meal. The guide price will be £5 and I shall let you know who you’re buying presents for next week. Sign ups for Secret Santa and Christmas meal shall close this Monday (24th November). Hopefully see you all at everything!

Polo NewsB's and Ladies TournamentPosted By: Hadyn On: Wed 19th Nov, 2014 9:37pm

Hi All

On Sunday 7th December we are hosting our own Canoe Polo tournament right here in the Sports Centre. This is you first chance to play polo competitively against other universities in a tournament setting. This is a B’s and Ladies tournament so it is completely Fresher friendly, anyone who has been to at least one canoe polo session and isn’t already in the A team is welcome to come along and play. 

The tournament is free for Warwick members (we charge other clubs to enter teams so that we can fund our fleet of boats). 

If you’re interested in playing then please sign up on the website here: link is to gauge interest when forming the teams and doesn’t commit you to play however, if you sign up but become unable to attend then an e-mail or Facebook message to one of the exec members would be appreciated as a courteous.  

I look forward to showing the other uni’s what Warwick can do and remember: Percello infirmus boof mortuis 




 3 and 4 star!Posted By: Chris On: Fri 14th Nov, 2014 7:58pm
Sorry to be making so many posts and all. 

Could you please reply on this thread if you'd be interested in doing the three or four star awards next term. 

The three star is basically a slightly more advanced 2*, but with some moving water skills, and a prerequisite of having paddled for a sum of at least 40 hours. I probably wouldn't recommend this if you started this year from scratch

The four star is a leaders course, and very advanced, with lots of prerequisites, including WWSR and First aid award with the last three years. The assessment itself is 2 days, but if you need any training that will obviously take it beyond a weekend thing. heres more information: link

I know theres at least a few people interested in both, so if you could indicated on here within the next few days, then I'll look into getting it arranged if theres enough people.


 Term 2 First aid and 2*Posted By: Chris On: Fri 14th Nov, 2014 2:53pm
Hi all!

Have you ever wanted to be recognised as a great paddler? Or learn some kayaking first aid?!
The Leamington boat centre runs loads of great courses throughout the year, including the 2 star (2*) and an REC (rescue emergency care) First Aid course. They do them at a significant discount for clubs, and the more who do it, the cheaper they will be. 

The 2* qualification is equivalent to Paddle Power Discover in the new system, and covers most of what we have gone over this term in the session (don't worry, we will be recapping everything). It will also give you some training in an open canoe. 
This will give you the opportunity to get some feedback from a qualified coach, learn a bit of theory, and progress onto higher qualifications. Doing this course through the club ensures you will get it much cheaper than usual and only have to complete the assessment day and canoe training, rather than the kayaking training too. This is a fun and recognised course, which I'd highly recommend to anyone who is serious about paddling.

The REC First Aid course consists mostly of learning how to deal with particular emergency situations. It's a 2-day course, which is very hands on and active. By the end of this course, you will feel much more confident, both with on and off the water first aid. There is no requisite first aid knowledge, and its intended for kayakers fairly knew to the sport. This will also be much cheaper than usual, and is a great course to have done.

There are many other courses being run at the boat centre, such as the FSRT (foundation safety and rescue), which is another I'd highly recommend doing, but this one will not be run through the club. We will instead hopefully be offering WWSR (white water safety and rescue) in north Wales later in the term. This is a more advanced and relevant course to our club, but is a longer course

Please indicate if you would potentially be interested in either the 2* or the REC first aid (or both) by answering the poll on the facebook page. This is only so we can have an idea of numbers, and doesn't commit you to pay. They will be run mid way into term 2. Please ask me or any other members if you have any question concerning either of these.

yours in coaching,

Chris x

Canoe NewsNene Whitewater Centre TripPosted By: Jevon On: Wed 12th Nov, 2014 11:29pm

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

A week on saturday (22nd Nov, week 8) we shall be heading to the Nene Whitewater Centre. We have the course for 2 hours 1pm till 3pm. It is a great chance to paddle some whitewater close to home and practice everything you've learnt over the past few weeks. (This is a day trip)

Sign ups will open at midday on thursday 13th (tomorrow), there are limited spaces so make sure you sign up quick! Sign up at the usual place : link

Cost will be around £10, absolute bargin!!! Will be confirmed in confirmation email.

Sign ups close 5pm on saturday 15th. Confirmation email to be sent out that evening with details of how to pay.

Meet at the sports centre at 10:30
Just bring your lovely self, a towel, and things to paddle in, you will be able to borrow wetsuits, cags etc...
We will back on campus around 5pm giving you plenty of time to get ready for Skool Days!! (Hope you've all bought tickets).


Jevon x


 Socials and Christmas meal Posted By: Lauren On: Sun 9th Nov, 2014 10:49pm

Heys Guys,

Just a bit of information about socials for the rest of term.

Week 7 is Polo Socials which you will be given more information about this week (hopefully). GIRLS we will probably be heading into Leam for a meal and then some civilised drinks but i'll let you know more information this week.

Saturday Week 8, 22nd Nov, is School Days. So buy your tickets NOW! We will be pre drinking somewhere near/on campus (address & time tbc)

Wednesday Week 9, 26th Nov, POP! Buy your circling tickets NOW! Theme is 'Time-Travel' so I'm expecting some awesome way-out costumes.

Thursday, week 10, 4th December, we have our annual Christmas Meal at the Robbins' Well in Leam. We will most likely arrive at the Well for 7pm to eat for 7:30. The idea is we each pay £10 to have a 3 course meal and then plan on getting merry!! (and lets be honest probably end up in Kelseys) There will also be an optional Secret Santa (rough price guide £5). There will be a sign up for Christmas Meal on the website and a seperate one for Secret Santa so you can know who youre buying a present for in advance. You must sign up for the meal and the secret santa (if you want to) by Monday 24th November so we can let the Well know how many people are coming and organise the secret santa (inform you of who you'll be buying a present for and give you time to buy it). The Christmas menu will be posted on a forum on the website and you will need to add a comment with what you want to eat when you sign up.

Lots of Love,

Your loyal social secs,

Lauren and Jamie xx


 Fireworks socialPosted By: Lauren On: Mon 3rd Nov, 2014 3:10pm
Hey friends, Sorry it’s slightly late notice but this Thursday (6th November) we shall be having a fireworks social at Jamie and Sam’s house (39 Charter Avenue, Canley, CV4 8EJ). The social will start officially at 7:30 but I shall meet people on campus outside the sports centre at 7pm to walk round via tesco to buy drinks. We will be charging £5 per person as a contribution to the fireworks and there will be a sign up on the website ( link ) so we know how many fireworks to buy. The sign up will close on Wednesday. If you sign up and don’t come you will still have to pay!! If you’re planning on coming but are going to be late let me know roughly what time you will get there and we can let you know if you’ll catch the fireworks (in which case will still have to pay) or if you can just come along for a friendly drink. Bring your own drinks! There will hopefully be a small snack provided! Love your friendly neighborhood social secs, Lauren and Jamie xx

 Kit Trip and CocktailsPosted By: Lauren On: Wed 22nd Oct, 2014 4:30pm

Hey Buddies,

Next Thursday (30th October) we will be holding a ‘kit trip and cocktails’ social. The idea is that you can get some great paddling kit from the ‘Leam boat centre’  ( for trips or pool sessions at a specially discounted price put on just for us and then afterwards we’ll be having some great tasting cocktails made by yours truly! We will be heading to the ‘Leam Boat Centre’ for 5:30pm so meet outside sport’s centre at 4:45pm for those on campus or meet at the boat centre at 5:30pm for those in Leam. If you can’t make it for 5:30pm we’ll be there till about 7pm so turn up whenever or just come for cocktails later (preferably let us know your plans).

Afterwards we will be heading to Gabs and Jev’s house for cocktails. We will ask for a contribution of £5 for the drinks and there will be a SIGN UP on the website under 'trips' section so we know how many people are coming. If you sign up and then decide not to come you’ve still got to pay or let us know within plenty of time (eg before we go shopping) otherwise we’ll buy too much alcohol!! The sign up will close Tuesday. Food wise, we’ll buy a few small snacks to have with the cocktails but I encourage you to eat beforehand if possible.

This is a great opportunity to get kit for Tyne Tour or any future trips. Hopefully we’ll see you all there!

Lots of Love,

Your super cool social secs,

Lauren and Jamie.




Canoe NewsCanoe Sessions over the next few weeksPosted By: Gabs On: Tue 21st Oct, 2014 12:56pm
Just a bit of information for you about canoe sessions ove the next few weeks:
  • Wednesday week 4 (this week, 22/10/14) the session is cancelled as we are having our Pop! social.
  • Wedensday week 5 the session is 8.30-10 pm. From week 6 onwards, the Wednesday sessions will be just 8.30-9.30 pm.
  • In general all Monday sessions (9-10 pm) will be structured coaching sessions. Our coaching sec, Chris, will be sending out more information about these.
  • The Wednesday and Thursday sessions will be free for you to do/practise what you want but feel free to ask more experienced members for help if you need it.

 POPPosted By: Lauren On: Mon 20th Oct, 2014 11:15pm
hey guys and gals, As you (hopefully) already know this week is POP!!! For those of you lucky enough to have circling tickets (unfortunately they're already sold out!) you will have to arrive at the S.U. at 7pm sharp and queue up outside like you would for any other S.U. event (but surrounded by people in crazy fancy dress). Hopefully you'll see one of our lot in the queue in their hi-vis costumes (remember anything bright, flourescent and visible). When you get inside just look around for anyone in a hi-vis outfit or for me waving madly! Also remember to get some cash out beforehand as the SU don't accept cards. For those of you that didn't get a circling ticket not to fear just come meet us at Pop itself (it starts at 10pm). We'll be very highly visible!! Lots of love, your amazing social secs, Lauren and Jamie xx

Canoe NewsTyne TourPosted By: Gabs On: Mon 20th Oct, 2014 10:42am

Tyne Tour 2014 is almost here!

On the weekend of week 5 (31/10/14-2/11/14) we will be heading to Hexham to take part in the famous Tyne Tour. As most of our trips, we will be leaving at around 4pm on Friday and getting back late evening on Sunday.

Tyne Tour is a weekend spent up North where uni groups from all round the country and other paddlers alike all descend to the same place for a weekend of camping, Ceilidhing, socialising and kayaking.

This trip, like fresher’s trip, is suitable for anyone who has been to a pool session (but more than one session is definitely recommended), so if you missed out on fresher’s trip, don’t worry. You can still sign up and come along even if you have never been on white water before. You’re equally welcome to come if you went on freshers trip too!

The cost will be £40 and this includes the cost of us transporting you and any kit that you will require for the entire weekend as well as the £30 ticket that we have to purchase for you to go to this amazing event (it has been heavily subsidised by the club!). The ticket includes a T shirt, a meal on Saturday night, camping and the Ceilidh. So it’s a bargain!

It will be cold though, and a sleeping bag is necessary! The club owns a big ‘party’ tent which can fit a lot of people in, so don’t worry if you don’t have your own. Although if you have your own tent then it’s definitely not a bad idea to bring it!

Sign up will go live at 6:30pm on Tuesday (21/10/2014) and will be here link on our website. If the trip is yet to open when you log in just refresh like a mad man until it opens to make sure you secure your place. This trip is one of the most popular trips of the year and considering the demand for fresher’s trip this year, I expect this year to be super popular so make sure you’re ready to sign up as soon as it goes live! Sign ups will close at midday on Thursday. Confirmation emails to the successful ones will hopefully go out on Friday.

The organisers of the event need to be told ASAP if there are any dietary needs for the meal on Saturday so if you have any (allergies, veggie etc) then please send me an email ( to let me know this once you have signed up.

If you’re yet to make an account on the website (make sure you do this before you try to sign up) then see the guide here: link 

Lots of Love,


 3 legged Bar Crawl!Posted By: Lauren On: Tue 14th Oct, 2014 12:29pm
Hey guys, Just a quick reminder about our social this Thursday: an alcohol-fueled tour around Leam in the form of a three legged bar crawl! For those on campus meet outside the sports’ centre at 7:15 (so we can hopefully get on a bus first time) and remember to bring some change for the bus. For anyone already in Leam we’ll be congregating in the Duke at 8pm where you’ll be tied to an appropriate partner and have to overcome the challenges of travelling as one unit for the rest of the night (generally, the more drinks you have the easier it gets!) Hopefully see everyone there, Love your wonderful social secs, Lauren and Jamie x Ps. Buy your Pop tickets for week 4 circling NOW!

Canoe NewsFreshers Trip!Posted By: Gabs On: Wed 8th Oct, 2014 10:49pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, and Jevon

The first weekend away with Warwick Canoe is almost here!

It is a trip to North Wales for an introduction to white-water kayaking. All are welcome, from complete beginners to white-water pros. All that is required is that you’ve been to at least one pool session.

The trip is on the weekend of week 3, leaving late afternoon (around 4pm) on Friday 17th October and returning Sunday 19th in the evening. We’re staying in a bunk house both nights and will venture out to nearby rivers during the day. We'll provide all the paddling kit you need other than shoes for on the river (old trainers work well), but if you have any of your own kit then feel free to bring it.
We also recommend you bring a waterproof jacket, a sleeping bag (though according to the website we will be provided with covers) and all the warm clothes you can find! If you need any help with bringing these things let us know ASAP and we’ll try and sort you out.

The price will be £38 for transport and accommodation and we will organise a group meal on the Saturday night. I’ve also heard rumours of there being FREE BOOZE that was left over from our end of year party….

So how do you go about signing up for this wonderful trip?
Firstly - you must be a member of the club through the Warwick Sport membership system and have attended a pool session (the pool sessions during week 3 will be aimed at preparing you for the weekend, so try to make sure you come along!).
Secondly - Make an account on our website (if you have not already done so). I'd suggest doing this now so you can let us know if you have any problems to ensure you’ll definitely be able to sign up and secure your place. Here’s a link to set up your account: .
Finally - Be on this web page at 5pm tomorrow (Thursday). A trip called “Fresher’s Trip 2014" will appear under future trips and be available to sign up for. Simply fill in your details and click sign up. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Signups for this trip will close on Monday at 7pm and confirmation emails will go out early on Wednesday to let you know if you’ve got a place. (Unfortunately we are limited to the number of people we can take, so it’s first come first serve).

Once the sign up closes we will send a confirmation email to each lucky paddler that signed up soonest to confirm their place on the trip. If you get a confirmation email you are committed to paying for the trip. In the event that you can no longer go on the trip then email us ASAP and we will try and find someone to take your place. If you are unable to make the trip and you have yet to receive a confirmation email but you have signed up on the Warwick Canoe website then send us an email and we will remove your sign up.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the taster sessions!

            Canoe President

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 Thursday Welcome CurryPosted By: Jamie On: Mon 6th Oct, 2014 4:25pm

Wk 2 Thursday 9th  Welcome Curry :)  

Hiya all,

A casual reminder that we're having a welcome curry in leamington on THURSDAY at 7(pm)  in King Baba's currey establishment.

All welcome and encouraged to come :)

I will meet campus people at 6.20pm outside the Costcutter on campus to catch the bus down to leamington to be inside King Babas for 7pm for a welcome curry :) 

Bus will be wroughly £2.65 one-way so bring some cash. There are cash-points in leamington if you need it aswell as by the su.

We'll go via a shop for alcohol as the curry house allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages :)

We'll enjoy our curries then we’ll retire to a pub/bar/watering hole :)

wear clothing (jeans and a t-shirt level) as we'll be eyeing up clubbing afterwards depending on peoples moods and general interest, if not there's always kelseys :p

cya around, :)

Love JamieandLauren!

ps purchase POP! tickets for the 22nd with circling in the name of 'canoe'


Canoe NewsLeam TripPosted By: Jevon On: Sun 5th Oct, 2014 7:58pm
Hi Guys and Girls,
So hopefully you've now had a taste of Warwick Canoe and have enjoyed the pool sessions if you've had chance to come along. Now to step it up a little, this coming wednesday, the 8th, we are doing a river trip on The mighty River Leam. This is a flat, water trip to experience paddling on something larger and more realistic than the pool and you'll be on the water for 1 to 2 hours, in leamington. We will be meeting outside the sports centre at 1pm to get boats and from there we will then head to leamington and get on the river.

To go we ask that you have attended at least 1 pool session and are a member of the club, (if you're not a member and want to come then please find us on the Warwick Sport website and buy the membership).

Sign up to the trip on our website here: link

If you have not created an account on our website (you'll need one to sign up) then do so here: link

What you'll need: Swim kit, a towel, some change for the bus (only a few pounds). We'll provide wetsuits, boats and all other paddling kit needed.

1 comment

 First term socials :)Posted By: Jamie On: Wed 1st Oct, 2014 9:51am

Hiya all, :)


Just a diary friendly welcome post to inform you of our lovly social activities planned for this term :)


Wk 1 Thursday 2nd  Oldies spoons meal social  
Mainly aimed at people who were here last year but everyone’ll be welcome :)  7pm meeting down the jug in leam.  Smartish stuff ie jeans, a t-shirt etc as clubbing afterwards :)
welcome to just meal it if you’re feeling anti-fun :p


 Wk 2 Thursday 9th  Welcome Curry :)  
I will meet people at 6.20pm outside the Costcutter on campus to catch the bus down to leamington to be inside King Babas for 7pm for a welcome curry :)
Then we’ll retire to a pub/bar/watering hole


Wk 3 Thursday 16th  Three legged bar crawl‼
Fun, gaffa tape-induced, threeleggedness!
A great way to socialise and traverse Leam. We’ll be crawling/hopping/skipping our way round Leamingtons world reknowed drinking establisheries and inevitably ending up in the, fortunately, one-and-only kelseys :)
I will meet campussy people at the bustop at 6.20pmish to be down the Duke for 7pm.


just a reminder that at the end of week 3 there is the Canoe freshers trip from the 17th to the 19th :)


Wk 4 Wednesday 22nd  Hi-Vis POP‼‼!!1  ( BuY these tickets quick, make sure it’s a circling ticket :) You will be prompted to inform them which club you are with, input ‘canoe’ and all will be shiny :) )
Club POP! Night in the su, with circling before hand :) meeting at 7 of the clock in the copperrooms on campus. The theme is Hi-Vis so be as creative as you can :) The brighter the better!
(friendly warning: the drink ‘purple’ will be consumed and spilt in copious amounts so don’t wear anything too posh )


Wk 5 Thursday 30nd  Kit trip to leam boat centre followed by club cocktails night in leam
We’ll be heading down to the Leam Boat Centre in Leamington for an opportunity to browse kit, times tbc btw :) A member of the exec will meet campusside peeps at the bustop as per usual :)
After that, we’ll enjoy the delights of Club Cocktail night at Gabs and Jevon’s house in leamington, a short walk from the Leam Boat Centre. Welcome to come for just the cocktails or viceversa :)


Another reminder that at the end of week 5 there is the ever brilliant Tyne Tour‼ This is the trip to go on and is really fun and good and amazing and awesome and yeah. :)


Wk 6 Thursday 6nd November  fireworks night in Canley
The great idea of putting an explosive substance in the hands of the canoe exec and watching the results is a staple of the canoe club calendar and not to be missed! We’ll drink and be merry in Sams and mines house in Canley. I will meet people at the sports centre at 6.30 for the 2 min walk to tesco, purchase fluid type nourishment (alcohol), then continue on for 2 more minutes(!) to our delectable house where frivolities shall commence :) With explosions later :)


Wk 7 Thursday 13th November Polo Curry night
Polo curry night? Nuff said? :p
We will be down leam having a curry and a chin wag :)
also kelseys.


Wk 8 Saturday 22th  Skool Dayz!!!
Skool Dayz is a fun event where we throw off the shackles of adulthood and fondly  remember our juvenile attempts to dance at the school disco! Retro tunes and school uniforms all round with predrinking at mine at 7pm


Also potentially at the end of week 8 ¿CardiffInternatioanlWhiteWater? trip


Wk 9 Wednesday 26th Circling POP! Theme Time Travel
Again circling in the su’s awesome wednesday event, with gallons of purple
Theme’s time travel so sonic screwdrivers and hot tubs at the ready!
again 7pm, the copersooms


Wk 10 xmas meal :)


Xmas Meal! Club Christmas meal is an excuse to dress smart and wear suits and dresses and stuff :)
prettymuch everything to be confirmed but it will happen :)

Don’t forget about coming down the dirty duck pub after pool sessions as this is a great way to chat to older members of the club about whatever and make friends :)

also canoe pool session tonight at 8.30pm in the swimming pool :)
bring towel and swimstuff, maybe a t-shirt.

I think that’s enough bombardment for today, we leave you in peace :)
Jamieandlauren, social secs <3


Canoe NewsGarage clear outPosted By: Hadyn On: Thu 18th Sep, 2014 10:35pm

Hi all

Ever had that worrying feeling that your returning to Uni a week early and wont have anything to do. Fear not for I have an exciting oppotunity just for you guys. 

This Sunday (21st September) I will be having a big clear out of the Canoe Club Garage at Westword as kit has just been dumped infront of all the boats. I will be there from 10am so if you have a few minutes or hours to spare this Sunday your help would be highly appeciated. 

We will be checking equipment and thowing anything out anything which is no longer fit for pourpose, sweaping out the garage and then replacing the kit in a more organised mannor while making sure the nventory records are up to date. All in all im hoping it won't take too long and many hands make light work. 

Kind regards from your new Kitler 

Hadyn xx


 First term socialsPosted By: Lauren On: Tue 16th Sep, 2014 8:31am

Hiya all,

Just a quick outline of the plan for socials term 1 for those that need to organise their hectic schedules.

The plan for this term so far:

  • Oldies Social Thursday 2nd 7pm at the Jug in Leamington, with an eye on heading to Neon. So please wear decent clothing. (Jeans not trackies with smartish shoes)
  • Bar crawl of some description round Leamington week 3 Thursday
  • Hi-vis POP! Week 4 (nice and easy to identify everyone) BUY THESE TICKETS QUICK! Stating that you are from ‘Canoe’ pretty please! BUY AWAY! They are selling out fast!
  • Week 6 fireworks! Venue tbc.
  • Time travel POP! Week 9 
And a few others here and there as well as the pub after pool sessions.

Cannot emphasise enough about the WEEK 4 POP! Ticket purchasing urgency!

Loads of loath,
Social secs Lauren and Jamie 


 Epic PartyPosted By: Lauren On: Wed 11th Jun, 2014 6:46pm

Hey guys and gals,

Exams are finished, the sun’s shining…. It’s time for EPIC PARTY!

Drinks, BBQ, Croquet, bouncy castle and MORE!!

Where? Leam Rugby club. When? 7pm, Thursday 26th June.

Sign up and pay before 23rd June to get the early bird price of £30. Any later and you’ll have to pay the higher price of £35 (so get your shit together!!). You can pay any member of the exec (but preferably our able treasurer Sam).

If you’re lucky enough to have a mate you want to bring you’ll need to do one sign up for you and one for your plus one on the website.

And as to be expected, you’ll still have to pay if you drop out!

See ya there,


Lauren and Jamie xx


Polo NewsSummer PoloPosted By: Anja On: Tue 27th May, 2014 5:50pm
For everyone who is around over the summer: Holiday polo will be on!

The booking is confirmed for the following sessions. So put them in your diary!

Tuesday 1st July – 20:00-21:30
Wednesday 9th July – 20:30-21:30
Tuesday 15th July – 20:00-21:30
Wednesdays 23rd July-24th September inclusive – 20:30-21:30

Please fill in the doodle (link below), so we can make sure there is always enough people for the session to go ahead.


Polo NewsMoney owed to Polo... $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Posted By: Elvis On: Sat 24th May, 2014 6:01pm
Hate to do this - those of you who owe polo money need to pay me back before the end of term. The exec decided that you wouldn't be able to sign up for surf trip otherwise.

Cloughy £43
James £67.60
Bryce £15
Madi £10
Maraiga £23
Potter £30
Blackers £15.60
Iain £15.60
Tom £27.60
Shaun £12
Screamer £12
Nicole £12 
Jamie £7
Deller £7
Nathaniel £7 

This is especially important if you're a finalist! 
Also, please pay me for fantasy league! (Jevon, Nicole, NJG, Bryce, Abi, Madi, Screamer, Tom, Thrumpton, Lauren, Einstein). Feel free to pay me for the balls too. 

Ed x

"I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you pay me back now, that will be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you." - Bryan Mills, Taken, 2008.

 Nene TripPosted By: Jevon On: Thu 22nd May, 2014 2:55pm

On the 25th June (Wed wk 10) we will be heading to the Nene Whitewater Centre for a fun filled afternoon of races and playing or general kayaking. 

Please meet at the sports centre at 3pm.

The cost of the trip is £5. This includes transport and course hire, so is great value for money!

If you'd like to come please sign up by here: link

We have the course from 5pm to 7pm will be back on campus around 8.30pm to 9pm.




 Surf trip and Surf trip T-shirtsPosted By: Gabs On: Wed 21st May, 2014 9:51am
It is almost that time of year again when Warwick Canoe head down to the Welsh coast for some hard-core kayaking and a bit of drinking (may be the other way round, I forget). I’ve been informed that the campsite at Newgale has dried out and so that is where will be again. Dates for this trip are Friday 20th of June ‘til Monday 23rd.

We are hoping to have enough drivers sign up so that we can take 2 buses with one leaving on the Friday morning at about 10am and a second leaving Friday evening at around 6pm. On the way back (again, drivers permitting) one bus will leave on Sunday and the other on Monday.

Therefore, there are 4 sign ups. Please sign up to one bus for the journey there and one bus for the return journey. Signups wills close midday on Wednesday 28th of May to allow us time to organise the faffy transport.

Journey there sign ups (sign up to one):

Return journey sign ups (sign up to one):

Please be aware though, if there are not enough drivers/people to make one of the journey options viable we may have to remove it. But we will do our best to accommodate everyone!

The costs for this trip will depend on what you need but a quick breakdown is:
Around £20 for transport (to be confirmed depending on what transport actually happens).
£5 per person per night for camping

If you would like a surf-trip t-shirt with everyone’s funny names on (whether you are going on the trip or not), you must buy them direct from the SU website ( You select your size option in the checkout. Signing up for the trip on the canoe website does not order you a t shirt! Everyone that wants a t-shirt must buy it through the SU website!!



Canoe NewsHoodies have arrivedPosted By: Tom Jin On: Fri 9th May, 2014 1:11pm
The canoe hoodies have arrived. Everyone who ordered one should have received an email. Collect them in the usual place.

Canoe NewsDoggy Paddle, Woof WoofPosted By: Gabs On: Fri 9th May, 2014 10:00am
Sunday Week 4 (next week), or Sunday 18th May for those who shun the Warwick Week system, sees the return of Doggy Paddle.

Doggy Paddle is a yearly event in which canoeist of all ages paddle the 18 miles from Leamington to Stratford to raise money for the guide dog's association.

It's a largely flatwater paddle, with a few weirs and one compulsory portages (around the trebuchet of DEATH!!!).

Beverage is often close to hand in an buoyancy aid pocket (Although I could not possible condone an alcoholic beverage being consumed on this day trip).

It's a relaxing, fun break from Exam/Revision stress and a great opportunity to take the duo!

The Cost:
-£10 in entry fees which goes straight to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association.
-Final transport costs will be worked out when we know numbers, but the last three years it has been £5

Sign up deadline is Monday mid day (but please sign up sooner than that) so we can finalize transport arrangements.

Lots of love,

 Term 3 SocialitivityPosted By: Jamie On: Tue 6th May, 2014 4:17pm
Goodday all, 

Not too exciting, socials will most likely consist of (vaguely optional) pub time after pool sessions as we're all in that wonderful world of revision, so encourage your fellow floaters to accompany Jamie on pub expeditions. 
There's often biscuits (guess what flavour) and if thats not an incentive I don't know what is! honestly pub's pretty fun and there's no pressure to even have a drink :) (or stay for long (as long as you say goodbye so we don't end up sitting eagerly awaiting your return)) :) 

POP! - Wednesday - Week 9 (18th June) – Purchase those tickets now! (non-circling, we will enjoy the british summer with an outdoor circle) – Theme: SUMMER!/Beach wear 
Epic Party! – Thursday 26th June - fun fun fun in a field 

cya socially, 
lots of love, 
your social secs; 
Lauren & Jamie

Polo NewsFantasy Teams!!Posted By: Nicole On: Thu 1st May, 2014 11:05am

Please post any queries by starting a thread in the forum. This post is form TEAMS POSTS ONLY

Here are players’ values as voted by you! (in millions)

Matt Blackmore - £9.88

 Rob Neave - £9.35

Andy Clough - £9.26

Matt Byrne - £8.53

Dom Stone - £8.15

Rich Beckett (Einstein) - £8.05 

Matt Clough (Baby) - 7.68 

Gabs Kempski - £7.45

Rich Potter - £7.23

Adam Talbot (Screamer) - £7.03

Jamie Anderson - £6.83 

Madison McDonald - £6.58

James Stockton - 6.30

Anja Humpert - £6.00

Nicole Close - £5.55

Rob Chamerlain (Red) - £5.39

Jevon Adams - £5.30

Nathaniel Green - £5.30 

Dan Scott - £5.14

Katie Edwards - £4.84

Jess Williams - £4.65

Ed Antram - £3.37

Sam Davies - £3.24 

Mark Hadley - £3.20

Abi Richardson - £3.16

Hadyn Parker - £3.05

Tom Hall - £2.76 

Kathryn Styan - £2.58

Lauren Gaines - £1.70

(Thanks Peeg for the info!)

And now the part you’ve all been waiting for; the battle of wit, arithmetic, nerves and sheer luck. Set to be the training ground of both polo coaches and venture capitalist of the future. You don’t need to be a competitor to have a flutter, all are welcome.
This season’s hottest polo tournament, the Warwick Rage League is shaping up to be the biggest tournament ever. Take your time, follow your instinct, get in their quickly with your best entry or, hold back and watch how others enter first – the choice is yours. You are welcome to enter as many times as you wish.

Entry Fee: 
Teams cost £2 to enter. There is no limit on the amount of entrants per person.


• Teams may not be the same as someone else’s - 1st post on the forum 1st served 

• Team value may not exceed £40 million
 • Teams may not contain more than 3 players from the RAGE team

• Teams must include 7 players
• Elect a team captain from your squad of 7 - Their score will be doubled

• All entries must be posted on this news thread by 16:00 Tuesday week 3. Teams will be input based on posts at this time. Up to that point you are free to edit/withdraw your team.

• If a player withdraws from competition (the whole league, not just one week) due to injury then they will be replaced in any fantasy teams by a random player of the highest possible value not exceeding the value of the injured player

• There will be 2 stats takers and refs per game chosen by the exec. Their decisions are final.

Points are awarded as follows: 

• Goal 5 points

• Assist 3 points (an assist is any piece of play that leads directly to a goal eg. Pass or GOOD breaking up of zone)

• Save 2 points (any stopped shot on target)

• Man/woman of the match 5 points (as decided by tournament organisers/ exec, anyone I deem important enough to appoint this duty on the night)

• Green Card -1 point

• Yellow Card - 3 points

• Red Card - 10 points

• Appearance + 1 point 

• A players (real life) teams goal difference is added to their score (if they played in the match.) i.e. No appearance = 0 points regardless of the goal difference as they weren't responsible for it. Appearance and 3 - 2 victory = 1 (appearance) + 3 (goals for) - 2 (goals against) = 2. Appearance and 4 - 1 loss = 1 (appearance) + 1 (goals for) - (4 goals against) = -2


Prizes (as a percentage of entry money) Top scorer etc. Will be taken from fantasy league entrants only. Most cards will come from anyone you have been warned - play fair boys and girls

• Winner of fantasy league - 40 %

• 2nd in fantasy league - 25%

• 3rd in fantasy league - 10%

• Last in fantasy league - 5%

• "The Glory Hog Award" (Top scorer) - 5%

• "The Team Player Award" (Top assister) - 5%

• "MVP" (Highest fantasy points) - 5 % 

• "The Wise Buy Award" (Best points/cost ratio) - 5%

• "The Naughty Boy Award" (Highest negative points for cards) - Paddle (dirty)

(Ignore the percentages I did in the last post/email - we are now going on these ones)

Some Interesting Stats

The total value is £167.5 million

The mean player value is £5.8 million making Anja most average player in the club by mean.

The median value is £5.5 million making Nicole the median player when ordered by value.

Closing Remark
As Henry Clay once said;
“Statistics are no replacement for judgement”

Choose wisely and may the best team manager win.


Polo NewsRAGE League teamsPosted By: Nicole On: Wed 30th Apr, 2014 11:27am
Your RAGE league teams, as based on the averages of your ratings, are as below. RAGE league starts next week. As soon as we have sorted out fantasy league stuff we should get an email out to you about that as well. I might also give you more interesting team names when I get around to it.

Team 1 Blackmore Gabs Potter Red Jevon Mark Abi
Team 2 Neave Baby Screamer Nicole Nathaniel Sam Hadyn
Team 3 Cloughy Beckett Jamie Anja Dan Ed Tom
Team 4 Bryce Dom Madi James Katie Jess Kathryn Lauren

Next week the first match will be Team 1 vs Team 2 and the second match Team 3 vs Team 4. If you are in the first two teams especially please arrive promptly.

 Elections!!Posted By: bilbo On: Mon 28th Apr, 2014 4:02pm
Good afternoon everyone!
Just a reminder about Elections this Thursday at 7pm at the Robbins Well in Leamingon in you're finest suits and dresses.
Lots of people have expressed an interest in running so I hope you've all prepared your song and you're jokes!

Also, the people running for President we're asked to submit a manifesto so here they are! This gives you a chance to think about who you want to be head of the club and what you think they can bring to the position!

Jevon 'Jebend' Adams:
If I become president I feel there are a few main areas of the club that I’d like to improve. These are to focus on the development of intermediate members of the club, organizing more courses suited to them, with a few trips to white water centers being a possibility, as well as developing beginners as we have been doing this year. I’d also like to keep the club more in the loop and sooner about what is happening with trips and courses. Having being on the exec this year I feel I have a good knowledge on how most things work and how I can make the improvements outlined above. I’d like to be president so that I can give back to club as I have thoroughly enjoyed being a member these past two years. I look forward to being part of the club next year and hope you’ll choose me to be your president!

Gabriel Kempski:
When I first came to Warwick I was excited to find there was an active canoe club so that I could continue the sport I've loved doing since I was 10! I'm really keen to help as many people as I can to get involved and to enjoy kayaking as much as I do, and above all, that's why I would like to be president. As coaching sec last year, I implemented the structured coaching for Monday's pool sessions and I received feedback from numerous people that they found them helpful and made them keen to participate more. I'd like to ensure that opportunities to progress through the sport remain available next year through both internal coaching and external courses. As president I would work closely with the new exec to continue improvements in this area as well as continuing to give support for more advanced paddlers and trainee river leaders. I really feel that Warwick Canoe has so much potential to be an even better club than it already is. With my enthusiasm, organisation and integrity I know that I can help to further develop the club, starting with a big recruitment drive, great socials and engaging pool sessions at the beginning of term 1.​

Canoe Polo
Anja Humpert:
Warwick Uni Canoe Polo is an excellent club and I would like to keep it that way. I have greatly enjoyed the last two years of being a member. My main goal is to recruit as many new members as possible (especially women). Hopefully we get enough to even get a second evening pool session, so that we could have more structured training and coaching as well as plenty of time for games. I am also keen to keep all the good tournaments in and out of Warwick going. I am looking forward to another year of polo!

Matthew 'Bryce' Byrne:
no manifesto submitted

So see you all on Thursday for an alchohol fueled evening!
Kedwards xx

Canoe NewsChanges to week 2 pool sessionsPosted By: bilbo On: Fri 25th Apr, 2014 5:16pm
Hello guys and gals

We've been asked by Water Polo if they can have our pool session on Wednesday week 2 as they have a BUCS final against Sheffield. As we're lovely we've said thats fine and have swapped it for their pool session on Friday 8:30-9:30


Galw'r heddlu
Bilbo xx

 Term 3Posted By: bilbo On: Sat 19th Apr, 2014 7:37pm

Hello everyone, hope your Easter has been chocolate filled

Term 3 is generally a bit quieter for socials and trips because everyone has exams, so here's a quick run down of what to expect this term:

  • Our Wednesday sessions have changed to the slighly more socialbe time of 8:30 - 9:30, although the Wednesday Session week 1 has been given to Polo  in preparation for BUCS
  • The Thursday pool session has also changed for week 1 only to 3:30 - 4:30
  • Thursday week 2 is ELECTIONS!! Wooo! We'll be sending out another email with more details about that, so in the mean time get practicing your songs and jokes!
  • Doggy Paddle on the 18th May, again we'll send out another email closer to the time
  • Surf Trip will be the weekend of week 9
  • And Epic Party week 10!

See you all soon!

Biblo xx


 Next week's pool sessionsPosted By: Nicole On: Sat 19th Apr, 2014 12:39pm
Hi all, hope you've been having a great Easter break! This coming Wednesday, for one week, canoe have kindly given us their session so that we can have extra practise time before BUCS. The session time is 8:30-9:30. Please be there ready 5 minutes early so that we can set up goals etc and make the most of the time we do have. When you get to the pool, please help with getting the ladders, goals and ropes out, getting boats down from the balcony or getting balls out BEFORE you sort out personal kit. It's not fair on those setting up for the session if they miss out on their choice of kit because they were setting up for everyone else. If you are unsure how to assist, then please actively go and ask someone who does know, and learn how to tie the ropes and ladders etc and don't just stand around on the side. This week's Tuesday and Wednesday session are only open to people playing on BUCS teams so we can get all the practise time possible. See you all soon!! Timmy x

 Canoe HoodiesPosted By: Meriel On: Thu 3rd Apr, 2014 10:26pm

Hello all!

An email was send round, but here it is again for those who missed it. The hoodies webpage is finally up, so you can go order yourself a warwick canoe hoodie. Due to the popularity of the two designs, we decided to include both - you can choose whichever one you want! As ever, other choices include colour, name etc so you can really pimp it up as much as you want. 

Simply go to: link   

Once on the page, go to Warwick University societies, where Warwick canoe is listed. The hoodies will be dispatched soon after April 18th, so they should arrive near the beginning of term. 

Have a great holiday folks!


Polo NewsRAGE league and fantasy teamsPosted By: Nicole On: Tue 1st Apr, 2014 9:27am

Post BUCS we will start with our summer RAGE league. We sort 4 teams based on how you rate each other as players so that the teams are as even as possible and people of all abilities can play, then each team plays one game a week as part of the league, with the other games in the session being just for fun. 

We will also be doing a fantasy polo league where you get a certain amount of money with which to buy players (values as determined by the ratings you give each other for RAGE league) who get points for goals, saves, assists etc. If you want to play in the league please sign up on the trips section of the website. It doesn't matter if you can't make some of the weeks as there will probably be 6 weeks worth of matches, but don't sign up if you're going to be away all term as there will still be games every week for people not playing in the league. The cost of entering the fantasy league is £2 with the winner receiving 60%, 2nd place 30% and 3rd place 10%. 

Please sign up by 19th April so that we have time to arrange teams and send out details for setting up fantasy league teams. We will start with RAGE league in Week 3 of next term. 

Timmy x


 Elections!Posted By: bilbo On: Wed 12th Mar, 2014 11:27am
Good Morning!

Next term we run our annual elections night (dates aren’t set yet but it will be around the first few weeks of term 3 so keep an eye out at the beginning of term 3 for an email with more details about the night).
So if you were thinking about running for a position on the exec I highly recommend it! It’s a great way to have your say in how the club is run and looks great on your CV. There are lots of positions available so you can pick the one that sounds best to you. The club needs an exec full of team players, people who are committed to the club and their exec position and who are generally not an arse!

The positions are:
President– general organization and running of the club
Vice President – general organization and running of the club
Treasurer – looking after the clubs accounts and budgets
Secretary – take minutes at meetings and sort out club clothing
Kit Secretary – ensure all kit is in decent condition and order new kit as needed
Coaching Secretary – organize pool sessions and courses throughout the year
Tour Secretary – make sure Scotland Tour is amazeballs

President – general organization and running of the club
Treasurer – looking after the clubs accounts and budgets
Secretary – take minutes at meetings and sort out club clothing
Kit Secretary – ensure all kit is in decent condition, fix boats and order new kit as needed
Coach – run drills and organize games at pool sessions, plan tactics talks
Tournament sec – organize Warwick Tournaments and external tournaments throughout the year

Joint positions
Social sec (x2) – being fun
Webmonkey – keeping the website up to date and ringing Tom Jin/Greg/Webbo when it all goes wrong

There’s more information on each position here: link

If you’re thinking of running for president then you’ll need to submit a short manifesto of why you think you’d be best suited for it (only a paragraph, 200 word limit).

Also there’s a slight change this year, at the beginning of the evening we’ll hold a vote on whether or not to change the position of ‘webmonkey’ to ‘mediamonkey’. Mediamonkey will be the same as webmonkey, with the added responsibility of keeping the media side of things up to date, e.g making sure someone’s taking photos on trips/socials and uploading them to the website.

If you have any questions about the positions then reply or ask the current exec (you can see who is who on the exec page of the website or on the facebook page).
Also if you’re planning to run for anything pleeeeease reply to this email and let me (or any exec member) know so we can make sure each position is filled.

Iechyd da
Bilbo x

 Canoe Polo Hoodies :D :D :DPosted By: Stabby On: Mon 10th Mar, 2014 5:20pm

Hi guys :)

If any of you have been wondering how you can get one of the polo hoodies all you have to do is log on to this shop here:

You can choose sizes and colours and what name you want embroidered on it as well as pullover or zippy :)

You need to have placed your order on the website by Monday 24th March (two weeks time)!! Then the hoodies will arrive for the start of term :D

If anyone has any issues then let me know!



 Week 10 SocialPosted By: Jevon On: Mon 10th Mar, 2014 1:27pm
What? Pre tour sociableness pub grub followed by drinks
When? 8pm on Saturday 15th
Where? Benjamin Satchwells and where the night takes us.

 Easter Holiday PoloPosted By: Matt On: Fri 7th Mar, 2014 1:34pm
Hello Poloers some of you might be getting a bit worried that the end of term is approaching and that you won't be able to play any polo whilst the holidays are on...

Never fear, this post is to tell you that we have two sessions a week planned for the easter holidays, namely these will be:

Tuesdays 20:00 until 21:30
20:00 until 21:30

Hope to see as many people as possible at these sessions getting some solid training in for BUCS which is now only 7 weeks away...

 Hoodie design votePosted By: Jevon On: Fri 7th Mar, 2014 12:14pm
If you'd like a say in which design gets put on hoodies this year please head to the Facebook page and vote for one design.

 RAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEEEPosted By: Nicole On: Tue 4th Mar, 2014 9:59am


It's getting to that time of year where we need distraction from work/ exams... So, to deal with all this stress, we will be having our next RAGE! Tournament of the year!

This is a tournament open to everyone. The teams will be mixed ability and pre-tournament banter is encouraged.

What: RAGE! Tournament
When: 11th March 2014, 20:00 - 22:00

What do I have to do to play? Go to the website, click Trips on the left hand side and sign up under "RAGE! Tournament, Spring 2014". If you have any problems, email me. 


Sign up by Friday 7th March to be assigned a team. 

Any questions, let me know! 

Timmy x


 Pop!Posted By: Jevon On: Mon 3rd Mar, 2014 11:58am
This week we are doing Pop! Theme:ABC (anything but clothes) Time: 7pm There are still a few circling tickets for sale (as of this morning) so if you don't have one, get one NOW.

 Polo Rashies!! :)Posted By: Stabby On: Wed 19th Feb, 2014 1:14pm

Hellllooooo :)

You may have seen many of us around the pool in our blue Warwick Canoe Polo Rash vests and now is your chance to own one as well :D

If you want a rash vest this year then please post below on the website with your size S, M, L, XL... by MONDAY 24th FEBRUARY!! Then we can get them for BUCS!! :)

They will cost between £15 and £20 depending on numbers.




Polo NewsBUCS Canoe Polo and Referee's Course!Posted By: NJG On: Thu 13th Feb, 2014 2:26pm

Hello all!

BUCS Canoe Polo is on the 25th - 27th of April this year, held once again at Hatfield Water park nr. Doncaster.

This is a fantastic weekend of competitive polo, copious alcohol consumption (and not always in that order!!), and a cracking party. Last year, we had a great success with the A team taking home a Silver medal, the Ladies taking 5th and the B's 3rd, let's try for an even better result this year, and as far as I can see there's nothing to stop us achieving that!

So, to get involved (and you really should), all you need to do for the moment is reply to this e-mail or post on the relevant thread on the Canoe site to express your interest.

Now the important bit:

As well as having the opportunity to bring home some medals, you have the chance to become a qualified refereee for the very low price of only £12 (or £20 if you want a whistle and cards as well). There might even be some funding from the club for people this year because we are running short of referees at the moment and every team we take to a competition 'needs' to have a referee in order to play!

The long and the short of this e-mail is:

Reply (or post on the site) A.S.A.P if you want to do the Referee's assessment at BUCS and reply/post but-not-so-ASAP if you just want to play!

Let's win some (more) medals!


P.S. If you want to do the referees course, you will be leaving on Friday Morning to make sure we are there on time for the theory part of the course!

 Real AlePosted By: Jevon On: Mon 10th Feb, 2014 7:34pm


 The time has finally come! Real Ale (this Thursday 13th) is here!

 It will be a night filled with ale, wine, cider and the hog roast is back.

 We will be going to The Duck for dinner before hand and then heading to copper rooms at 6pm for real ale.

 If you want to come to The Duck get there for 5pm if not we’ll see you in the queue just before 6pm or come and find us when you get in. We’ll be the big group in kayaking t-shirts.


See you there!!

 Cheers! Iechyd da! Prost! Sante!

 Jebend and Gabs x


Canoe NewsFirst Aid Course and 2 Star DeadlinePosted By: Gabs On: Thu 6th Feb, 2014 1:34pm
So first thing is 2*; deadline for signing up is Friday 14th Feb (Friday week 6). If you’re still wavering about whether you should or not, then do it! It’s a really good (and cheap) opportunity to get your 2* and get some feedback off a qualified coach. It’s also a requirement should you ever want to get your level 1 coach qualification. 

Secondly, on the 17/18th of May (end of week 4, term 3), the canoe club is organising an outdoor first aid course. It’s a 2 day course that takes place in Leamington and I’ve heard only good thinks about the course and the first aid trainer that takes the course. 

Here is a review from our very own Anja Humpert:
“I did my first aid course last summer at the Leamington Boat Centre. It’s a Kayaking specific one, which is great; especially if you are refreshing your first aid. It goes well beyond those few minutes of first aid you are usually facing in the city until the ambulance arrives; as it can take them a very long time to reach you on a river. The course is a good mix of theory and role playing scenarios. Everything is done in full Kayaking gear to experience all difficulties that come with it. It’s a great course independently of your Kayaking abilities and since it’s just around the corner, I highly recommend signing up for one.” 

Obviously as Anja says it is kayaking specific, but the course will still be appropriate should you need a 16 hr first aid course as a prerequisite other qualifications, as the theory for first aid is the same whatever situation you are in. 

Again, this is a really good value course and the club has decided to subsidise it so it costs just £75 per person! 

Unfortunately as the price of the course is dependent on numbers, if you sign up, you are committed to pay unless you can find someone to take your place. 

Sign up is on the website here

Deadline for signing up to the first aid course is Friday 21st February (Friday week 7). 

 Gabs x
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 Canoe Hoodies designsPosted By: Meriel On: Tue 4th Feb, 2014 6:08pm

Hey guys, It's that time of year again!

It is of course, the fabulous club hoodies (I am sure you are all very excited). However, the design on the back is open for competition - so if you've been itching for that chance to leave your mark upon canoe, here is a concrete way of doing it! Submission closes next friday, and the best design will be chosen by the exec. Either post your design on the facebook page, on this thread, or send it to me (if you don't want to unveil your amazing design too early). 

Have a great week and don't forget to pull your pens and crayons out!

1 comment

Canoe NewsScotland TourPosted By: Stu On: Tue 28th Jan, 2014 10:36pm
Hello boys and girls! 

So its Scotland tour at the end of this term, our biggest and greatest tour ever and anyone would be a crazy fooooool to miss it. 

We will be leaving for Nethy bridge on the 16th of March where we will spend four wonderful days kayaking and drinking fine alcoholic beverages. At which point we will leave for our second bunkhouse near Fort William returning back to Warwick on the 24th. Potential rivers include: The legendary Etive and the gorge section of the Spene. 

The only requirement of tour is that you've been on at least two trips with us, or one trip with regular pool session attendance. If you are still unsure about your tour eligibility contact me or a member of the exec. 

Scotland tour signups are going live Wednesday at 3pm, so make sure you signup quickly as we places will be given on a first come, first serve basis!

The cost of tour will be £225 each. This will cover all the usuals such as transport, kit hire, accommodation etc etc. Remember to factor in some spending money as well for food, drink, pub meals and anything else your hearts may desire.

Also provided at the first bunk-house are kegs of extremely desirable ale, which we need to order before we arrive. So can you please post below if you would like to be involved in the ale so we can try and calculate how many kegs to get, cost of ale will be calculated on the tour so you only pay for what you drink. 

Any other questions about Scotland tour, please post below or direct them in my direction (or another member of the exec). Remember signups at 3pm tomorrow.

Your loving tour-sec Stu x

Canoe News2 Star and White Water Safety and Rescue placePosted By: Gabs On: Tue 28th Jan, 2014 12:27pm


Why not get a recognised certificate to prove you’re a decent paddler? On the 1st March (end of week 8) there’s an opportunity to get your BCU 2 star certificate which is appropriate for any club member who’s been to some pool sessions (email me if you’re not sure). We have gone through the majority of the syllabus during the pool sessions already, but we will have a ‘brush up session’ some point this term, as well as being given some coaching on the day itself. It’s a really good idea to get some BCU ‘stars’ as it’s a good indication of how you’re progressing through the sport, and a chance to get given some advice by a qualified coach.

The course will take place just on the Saturday (10:30 to 4:30) and it all happens from the boat centre in Leamington, so you won’t lose a whole weekend. A lot of the course will be subsidised so will cost a maximum of £40, but hopefully it will cost less since the price is dependent on how many people sign up!

Sign up HERE if you’re interested, but there is an absolute maximum of 8 people so it’s first come, first served!


Also, there is one place left on the White Water Safety Rescue course that has been organised for 8th and 9th (end of week 5) of February in North Wales. We’ve managed to get the course at an incredible price, less than £80 per person! But again, it could cost less due to subsidies. Accommodation will also be cheap as we will be staying in a scout hut. It would take the usual form of a club trip; leave on Friday and come back Sunday evening but with the chance to get some hugely useful skills from some top coaches. If you’re interested in this WWSR course please email

Gabs x


 EN ES ARPosted By: bilbo On: Mon 20th Jan, 2014 5:25pm

Ladies and Gentlemen, the time is almost up on us.....for the National Student Rodeo!!!!!!

Possibly the best trip of the year (I say trip, I mean party)
It is the largest kayaking event in the country (and claims to be the largest student kayaking event in the universe). It's a weekend of freestyle kayaking competitions that any one can enter, regardless of your abilities as the competition is split into novice, intermediate and advanced categories. So you get to watch Freshers in fancy dress jumping out of their boats and blowing kisses to the judges and some freestyle pro's showing us how its done. 

NSR takes place on the 7th, 8th and 9th of March (week 9) at HPP, the artificial white water course in Nottingham (which means you can stay in bed until 3pm if you like, which is a canoe club novelty). The trip will be around £50 and depends on numbers, which includes transport , camping, a meal on Saturday, entry to one event and entry to the party on both Friday and Saturday night, the theme this year is Heros and Villans!

Registration opens on the 27th January and a sign up is now open on the website so you have until then to make the right decision (I know you will). Once you've signed up you can expect your emails with more information at the begining of March. 

Lots of small Welsh love

Katie xx


Canoe NewsBUCS SlalomPosted By: Tom Jin On: Wed 15th Jan, 2014 2:49pm

BUCS Canoe Slalom is nearly here!

On the 14th and 15th of February (weekend of week 6) the club will be heading to the Tees Barrage for 

President Dan


I have no idea who these people are.

at the Tees Barrage.

Since this is a BUCS event the university subsidies much of the cost. Subject to sufficient numbers this should be a £10 weekend + your own food and drink. 

This is open to people of any experience and the weekend is a lot of fun. Signup will go online tonight after the pool session and entries will be sent off in a weeks time.


ps. If you went last year: We will be using a warmer bunkhouse.


 SocialsPosted By: Jevon On: Wed 8th Jan, 2014 6:02pm

We now have a final list of all socials for this term, they are as follows:

Week 1: Curry, Thursday

Week 2: Laser quest then Harvester, Thursday

Week 3: Pub Golf, Friday meet at 7pm in The Duck
Theme; ancient time periods:
1st years: Vikings
2nd years: Romans
Final years (3rd and 4th): Egyptians
Post grads and old gits: dinasaurs
(extra hole for lack of fancy dress or pre bought costumes) 

Week 4: Pop!, Wednesday
Theme: What you wanted to be when you're grown up

Week 5: Food then iceskating(8-10 pm), Monday

Week 6: Real Ale, Thursday we'll be having a meal in The Duck before most likely

Week 7: Polo social

Week 8: School days, Saturday pre drinks at jeb-end et als, get there from 7.30pm ish, we shall be consuming from then anyway!!

Week 9: Pop!, Wednesday

Theme: abc (anything but clothes)

Week 10: Film night 

Remember to buy tickets for POP! and School Days now to avoid disappointment.


 Cardiff Uni Canoe Polo tournament!Posted By: NJG On: Wed 8th Jan, 2014 3:52pm

Cardiff University have once again invited us to their weekend tournament on the 28th - 30th of March 2014. The more astute members here will probably notice that this puts it bang in the middle of our Easter break. However, it is well worth going to if you can as it gives you a chance to practice outside, on a full size pitch in a full tournament conditions before you get to BUCS a month after this.

The important things you need to know:

The accommodation is camping, so you need a sleeping bag and a roll mat. Let me, or Matt (Baby) Clough know if this is a problem as we can probably find one for you!

The tournament is open to the A team, the B team and the Ladies. Ladies I believe someone has already started sorting your team out?

The party: Noah's Ark themed party on the Saturday night

The cost: 
£23 per person - this is your camping ticket for Friday and Saturday nights, party ticket and food ticket for Saturday dinner.
There maybe a small cost per person to cover team entries, but it shouldn't be much more than £5. The more people we have per team, the cheaper it is for everyone!

Signup here: link if you wish to go. Once you are signed up, please do not drop out unless you can get someone to take your place!



Canoe NewsMontane JacketsPosted By: Dan On: Mon 2nd Dec, 2013 11:50am
Hello All!

As some of you may have heard, every year we order montane jackets. Here is the link:link
You can have them in multiple colours, red, black or green, and they will have your name on the front and the Warwick canoe logo on the back. As you can see they will be great for keeping warm on trips, and you will no longer have to feel jealous of older members swanning around in their jackets. 
The cost will be 79 pounds, which is less than last year, and quite cheap considering they cost over 100 quid normally. 
In order to get the cheaper deal, we need over ten people. So please get interested folks! If you want one of these there is a sign up online now at link To select what size and colour you want please put that in the medical conditions section of the sign up. We are aiming to have the jackets arrive at some point next term so the order will be being placed at the end of week one next term so please make sure to sign up before then if you want one. 
See you all at christmas dinner! (and if not I wish you a happy studying session)

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