Pub Golf!Posted By: Jefff On: Fri 5th Feb, 2016 12:05pm
Hype hype hype hype hype

Next Friday (12 Feb) is PUB GOLF! This is an intense night of drinking and merriment: you have 9 drinks from 9 different pubs which you have to drink in as few sips as possible (like golf, hence the name...)

Don't worry if you are not as hardcore as those in the club with a crippling alcohol dependency (who will remain unnamed). There will be different courses to match your intended level of drinking.

The costume theme is history:
  • 1st years: Tudors/ any middle ages ish England thing - I don't care
  • 2nd years: Vikings
  • 3rd/4th/Stockton/Hadyn: Greeks/Romans
  • Postgrads/Old Gits: Cavemen
We will be meeting at 18.30 in The Duck for dinner or 19.30 for the start of the course. Remember to bring a pen/your preferred writing implement so you can mark your scorecard (which will be provided).

Love Jeff and Alan
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 Lakes TripPosted By: Sam On: Sat 30th Jan, 2016 7:09pm

Good news! On the weekend of week 4 (5th-7th Feb) we shall be heading for some awesome paddling in the Lake District. 

Whilst intended as more of an intermediate trip, we will very much tailor it to the group coming (i.e. if you fancy it and have been on a trip before then please sign up!). It will cost £35 for all your transport, accommodation and kit hire. You will need to bring a sleeping bag and roll mat as well as warm clothes [not cotton!] for on the river and shoes you don't mind getting wet. 

As if that wasn't enough of a reason to come, we have also arranged to have a coach to run some 3* assessments. (Syllabus: link ) If you would like to do your 3* then this will incurr an additional cost (to be confirmed, probably about £15/£20) and you will need to sign up separately.

As per usual, if you sign up and then can't make it then, if we cannot fill your place, you will unfortunately still have to pay.

Sign ups for the trip will open at 14:30 on Monday 1st Feb, sign ups for 3* assessments will open at 14:45 on Monday 1st Feb.


Canoe NewsPolo Leam Trip (Week 18)Posted By: Stockton On: Thu 28th Jan, 2016 6:29pm
PolLeam Trip (week 18)

We are straight back to Leam training next week.
This weeks session ran smoothly as the van turned up :)

Sign ups are open, it would be great so see some new faces there.
Don't worry, we'll be back in time for circling and Pop.      

When- 1.00pm Wednesday 3rd February 

Where- Meet at the sports centre

Why?- Work Hard = Play Hard

Kit list
  • Swim wear
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Water shoes (flipflops, crocs etc)
  • Coat
  • Thermal layers if you have them
The trip will cost you £3.70 (return bus ticket to Leam)

As well as the normal help loading then van up before we leave it would be great to have help unloading the van after it has returned to campus.
Where possible please make yourself available to help unload the van after trips.  


 First aid coursePosted By: Ollie On: Fri 22nd Jan, 2016 2:35pm
First Aid Course

Hi all, would anyone be interested in doing an REC First aid course on the 27th/28th February. This is a great opportunity to learn valuable first aid skills which could be vital on a river trip. It's a very worthwhile weekend and will make you extremely useful on future canoe trips. more details can be found here link unfortunately this weekend does class with a Div3 regional polo event and a Warwick B's and ladies tournament and you would be unable to do both. Also the price stated in the website is £120 but as this course is run by Leam boat centre we will be able to subsidise this a bit. Very limited spaces available and we need to know if you're interested asap so if you are please comment below or email me on .

Polo NewsPolo Leam Trip (Week 17)Posted By: Stockton On: Fri 22nd Jan, 2016 1:55pm
Polo Leam Trip (week 17)

Sorry about the fiasco with Leam Training this week, the van was booked and confirmed but never arrived...
Anyway, to the task in hand; we will be heading down to the Leam for a couple of hours of hard core paddling.

Lets see some really improvement in club fitness this term, we need to be fighting fit for the Cardiff and BUCS tournaments.
Fingers crossed BUCS get's it's act together so all our players are eligible to play for their respective teams.      

When- 1.00pm Wednesday 20th January

Where- Meet at the sports centre

Why?- Work Hard = Play Hard

Kit list
  • Swim wear
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Water shoes (flipflops, crocs etc)
  • Coat
  • Thermal layers if you have them

We will (hopefully) have cags for you to borrow.
The trip will cost you £3.70 (return bus ticket to Leam)


Polo NewsRash VestsPosted By: Ollie On: Fri 22nd Jan, 2016 1:45pm
Exciting news everyone. Polo rash vests have arrived and the payment link is now live. Once you've paid for your rash vest you'll be able to collect it from Jennie smile emoticon They look awesome so you'll want to collect them quickly! link
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 Socials weeks 2-5Posted By: Jefff On: Mon 18th Jan, 2016 11:00am


We have loads of awesome socials coming up this term! For those of you who are feeling organised, here's a list of socials for the first half of term:

Week 2 (Thur 21 Jan): Barcrawl Thing

  • We will work our way down the parade towards Kelseys, doing lots of challenges along the way!
  • Meet at the Duke at 20.00

Week 3 (Thur 28 Jan): Laser Quest

  • 3 games of bullying small children for only £6
  • Meet at the campus bus stop at 18.00, Harvester at 18.45, and Cov Laser Quest at 20.00

Week 4 (Wed 3 Feb): POP!

  • BUY YOUR CIRCLING TICKETS NOW!! (and get your week 9 ones while you're at it)
  • Theme is Children's TV
  • Copper Rooms at 19.00 - lateness is a punishable offence (unless Jeff is the one who is late)

Week 5 (Fri 12 Feb): Pub Golf

  • 9 Pubs, 9 Drinks, 9% chance of alcohol-induced death
  • Theme is history: 
  • 1st years: Tudors
  • 2nd years: Vikings
  • 3rd+4th years: Greeks/Romans
  • Postgrads/Old gits: Cavemen
  • Time TBC

We will post more closer to the time but the important thing is to get your POP circling tickets for 3 Feb and 9 Mar and to sign up for laser quest ASAP!

Love Jeff and Alan


 SwimmingPosted By: Thom On: Sun 17th Jan, 2016 5:11pm

Swim training as mentioned on facebook last week shall begin this week for those interested! 

Times for this week (18th-24th) are: Monday 3.15 - 4.30 ; and Thursday 2-3 (No wednesday because of Leam training).

All you will need is to turn up at the pool with costumes. You can bring goggles or other paraphernalia if you wish!

I have compiled my own training list as well as accepting several sets from the Surf Club!
These range in difficulty! Mine are somewhat more gentle, for people who wish to maintain a certain level of fitness, while the others look at muscle building and improving fitness!

All levels of swimming are welcome due to the range in sets! We can talk about what type of training people want to do when we're there, as well as organising ourselves into lanes!

So grab your goggles and I'll see you there!

p.s. due to monday times you can leave kit in the sports centre for canoe in the evening! And on thursday canoe is right afterwards anyway!

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 Lazer Quest!!Posted By: Jefff On: Fri 15th Jan, 2016 1:33pm

On Thursday Week 3 (28th Jan) we will be heading up to Cov for LASER QUEST!

For only £6 (+ a bus ticket) you will get 3 action-packed games of shooting small children/ grumpy old canoe folk. Make sure you bring your student ID!

We will also be eating at a nearby Harvester beforehand (and probably going the pub afterwards...)

Interested? Signups are up now! You have until TUESDAY 19th MIDDAY. This is because I need to confirm numbers with them. At this point you will have to commit to paying your £6 (shock! horror!) unless you can find someone else to replace you. 

Date: Thursday 28 Jan
Times: 6.00 @ campus bus stop, 6.45 @ cov skydome harvester, 8.00 @ cov lazer quest
Cost: £6 + bus ticket (+ food/booze)

P.S. Don't worry! There is a social next week - spam coming this weekend.

 Polo Leam Trip (week 16)Posted By: Stockton On: Wed 13th Jan, 2016 12:25pm
Polo Leam Trip (week 16)

Once again we will be heading down to the Leam for a couple of hours of hard core paddling.
Hopefully we'll see some really improvement in club fitness this term with the Cardiff and BUCS tournaments at the end of term to look forward to.  

When- 1.00pm Wednesday 20th January

Where- Meet at the sports centre

Why?- Work Hard = Play Hard

Kit list
  • Swim wear
  • Towel
  • Water
  • Water shoes (flipflops, crocs etc)
  • Coat
  • Thermal layers if you have them

We will (fingers crossed) have cags for you to borrow.
The trip will cost you £3.70 (return bus ticket to Leam)

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 UMM CURRYPosted By: Alan On: Mon 11th Jan, 2016 1:12pm
Welcome back everyone hope you are all working hard! Our social this week is just a causal catch up curry at Ali's Golden Cuisine at 7 pm, Thursday 14th, followed of course by Kelseys :)

 Scotland Tour 2016Posted By: Chris On: Thu 7th Jan, 2016 8:22pm

Legends speak of a tour, a Scotland tour. A tour that'll take place Sunday 20th to Monday the 28th of March (week 10/11/12). A tour costing between £200 and £250, including accommodation, transport, kit, a group meal and more!  A tour so formidable, we ask that you've been on a club trip beforehand (theres three happening this term if you haven't had the chance yet, details to follow). A tour that sprawls over two bunkhouses, first near Nethy Bridge, then on to Fort William. Also theres usually loads of kayaking and drinking (including kegs of Ale at the first bunkhouse!) and stuff and it's lots of fun.

This really is a once in a year opportunity, and you'll get the chance to paddle some of Scotland's most popular rivers, so save the dates, start budgeting, get excited, go on trips this term, and listen out for the sign ups early February. Let me know if you've any questions.

I hope you've all had nice breaks, see you soon!



 POP and Skool Dayz datesPosted By: Jefff On: Mon 4th Jan, 2016 5:08pm
POP and Skool Dayz

NINJA EDIT: due to brilliant social organisation, i have just discovered Skool Dayz clashes with NSR so we will do a different social instead. Apologies to anyone who has already bought a ticket!

Hope you all had a fun and unproductive Christmas!
SU event tickets are now on sale so, for the organised ones, here are the tickets you need to get:

3 Feb (Week 4): POP - remember you want canoe circling tickets
9 Mar (Week 9): POP - circling again

More details will come closer to the time but you will want to get these ASAP before they sell out!

Jeff + Alan

Polo NewsRules for Kit BorrowingPosted By: Charlie On: Sat 21st Nov, 2015 5:55pm

You must inform the kit sec, or failing that the president, before taking club kit.  You must identify the kit you are taking, when you are taking it and when it will be returned. Inform the exec before you take it.

The cost for training is £2.50 per boat and relevant kit and £5.00 for tournaments. This will go towards maintaining the boat.

You must clean the boat and kit if you have been to an outside event, and return it safely and in the same condition as when you borrowed it.

If you already have kit out, you may not remove any more kit from the pool. You may only borrow one boat and set of kit at a time.

The above conditions are in force from now on.


Polo NewsNational and Regional teams 2015-2016Posted By: James Stockton On: Wed 19th Aug, 2015 6:47pm
National League Div 3 Open
James Stockton  
Madi McDonald   
James Anderson   
Jevon Adams          
Matt Clough
Ross (mercenary)
Reserves- Charlie, Rob and Olli

National League Div 2 Ladies- Playing with Cherwell Ladies
Emma Beaney         
Jennifer Stanford    
Lauren Gaines         
Regional league- Team 1
Tom Jin

Regional League- Team 2
Hayden Parker   
Mark H
Robert Howells    


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